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Garrettsville Summerfest Contest Winners



Car or Cash Raffle

Grand Prize – Mark Ellerhorst
iPad 4 – Yevette Summers
Gas House Grill – Colleen Shukys

Garrettsville Idol

Adult Idol – Kristen Zappola
Teen Idol – Jasmine Nevarez
Youth Idol – Lexi Smith

Coloring Contest

Hope Bloom
Owen Bass
Emma Bass

Essay Contest

Keldan Holm
Kylie Greenberg
Evelyn West
Rebecca Sopher

Scavenger Hunt

1st: David Quick
2nd: Debora Chinn
3rd: Stephanie Juzkew, Stephany McMiloen
&  Kimmy Wampler

Cornhole Tournaments

Competitive Division: Gary Lewis, Ron Kugel
Social Division: Marvin & Adam Byler

Hamburger Eating Contest

Scott Terhune

Pet Idol Photo Contest

Best Cat (People’s Choice) – Emily Varga
Best Cat (APL Judged) – Benjamin Coll
Best Dog (People’s Choice) – Hazel Cooper
Best Dog (APL Judged) – Michael Ebie
Best Dressed (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Dressed (APL Judged) – Mary Sasser
Best Puppy (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Puppy (APL Judged) – Susan Guy
Best Kitten (People’s Choice) – Brian Gorby
Best Kitten (APL Judged) – Brian Gorby
Best Other (People’s Choice) – Susan Guy
Best Other (APL Judged) – Shyann Kelly

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Grand Parade

Best of Show – Century 21 Goldfire Realty
Bike Parade (Boy) – Tommy Wem
Bike Parade (Girl) – Hayley Koon

Judges Participation Awards
Garrettsville UMC
In The Woods Barn & Garden Center
JAG Marching Pride
8th Count Dance Studio
Fortress of Fear
Girl Scouts of NE OH Unit 913

Tractor Parade

1) Most Decorated: Garrettsville Laundromat
2) Most Vintage: Jerry Beighley
3) Travelled the Furthest: Howard Legends (Glendale, AZ)
4) Oldest Tractor: Gary Foy
5) Biggest Horsepower: Jay Ruff
6) Largest Tractor: Bonner Farms

Wine Making Contest

Red Grape Dry: 1st: George Macek
2nd: Dave Long
Red Grape Sweet: 1st: Jim Wade
2nd: George Mendiola
Rose Sweet: 1st: Lynda Ely Smienski
2nd: Clark Redmond
White Grape Dry: 1st: Jim Wade
2nd: Clark Redmond
White Grape Sweet: 1st: Lynda Ely Smienski
2nd: Clark Redmond
Best of Show: Lynda Ely Smienski

Pie Making Contest

Fruit: 1st: Kim Park, 2nd: Beki Morris,
3rd: Lisa Sanchez
Cream: 1st: Iva Walker, 2nd: Evy Herrington,
3rd: Jeanne Tancos
Original: 1st: Leah Schultz, 2nd: Beki Morris,
3rd: Lauren Sanchez

Ice Cream Eating

Under Five: Cole Hornbeck
Age 6-8: Savannah Wolff
Age 9-11: Matthew Crawford
Age 12-14: Sason Rezaei
Age 15+ : John Creamer

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Steeplechase Canoe Race

Best Times
1st (1:03:59) – Alex Macek, Greg Macek
2nd (1:06:47) – Bret Parker, Joe Tokos
3rd (1:09:06) – Matt Hindman, Shane Andrews

Family Canoe Races

Mixed Tandem
1st – Tim Schwan, Shiloh Van Oss
2nd – Devin Karlovec, Caroline Hahn
3rd – Anthony Penna, Victoria Scott

Over & Under 16
1st – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
2nd – Victoria Scott, Summer Wilde
3rd – Aubrey Carr, Taylor Crane

No Paddle
1st – Lilly Morris, Chandler Bee
2nd – Bob Penna, Anthony Bissler
3rd – Karlovecs

Triathalon Paddle
1st – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
2nd – Tim Schwan, Shiloh Van Oss
3rd – Taylor Crane, Rachel Schwan

War Canoe
1st – Bobby, Austin, Anthony, Victoria, Summer
2nd – Taylor, Aubrey, Shiloh, Tim, Rachel
3rd – Caroline, Ethan, Chandler, Edie, Abbey

Women’s Tandem
1st – Aubrey Carr, Rachel Schwan
2nd – Victoria Scott, Summer Wilde
3rd – Shiloh Van Oss, Taylor Crane

Men’s Tandem
1st – Ethan Carter, Tim Schwan
2nd – Bobby Bissler, Anthony Penna
3rd – Dane & Devin Karlovec

So You Think You Can Dance

Outstanding Achievement in Performance –
Becca Lawrence & Elija Voshell (My Boyfriends Back)
Outstanding Achievement in Performance –
3volution: Matt & Jake Zupancic and Drake Joseph (Dance Mix)
Outstanding Achievement in Choreography –
Mckenna Alai (Vouge)
Outstanding Achievement in Choreography –
Emma Koon, Haylie Srbinovich and Hayley Koon
(Ay Carumba)
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design –
Chelsea Bates & Katelyn Tuttle (Mama Mia)
Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design –
Hope Miller, Ashley Kaiser, and Emily Yarish


Buckeye State Pedal Pull Results

1st Diamond Dyson
2nd Olivia Kuchenbecker
3rd Bella Phillips
4th Mason Nevins

1st Maddie Pugh
2nd Laney Cales
3rd Nyla Hindel

1st Ridge Hindel
2nd Dorsey Williams
3rd Matthew Canfield
4th Mikey Markusie

1st Bryce Wagner
2nd Luke Johnston
3rd Brock Windhorst

1st Todd R. Dembinski Jr.
2nd Sydney Atkinsou

1st Ethan G. Carpenter
2nd Logan Vanderhoeven
3rd Stefan Windhorst Jr.

1st Taydon Huth
2nd Lenny Veccia
3rd Trent Shutty

AGE 10
1st Luke Shutty
2nd Ty Johnston

AGE 11
1st Ty Huth
2nd Trey Huth
3rd John Hornyak


Lion’s Club Rubber Duck Race

Saturday (June 29, 2013)
1st Duck # 89 – $150 to Kimberly and Sarah Creamer.
2nd Duck # 3 – $75 to Lee Evitts.
3rd Duck # 158 – $50 to Tammi Peters.

Sunday (June 30, 2013)
1st Duck # 292 – $150 to Paul Etzler.
2nd Duck # 256 – $75 to Chuck Klamer.
3rd Duck # 122 – $50 to Darlene Hoffman.

Special Thanks to: Zach Gorby, Zach Hoffmann, Josh Lawrence, Summer Stevens, Andrew Morrissey, Joe Golgosky, John Lininger and Mason Mayoros for catching/collecting the ducks at the end of the races.

Lions Club 9th Annual- Punt, Pass & Kick Contest

1st Place Winners
5 Year Old Male Division: Brendan Fashing
6 Year Old Male Division: Brandyn Bogucki
7 Year Old Male Division: Eric Geddes
8 Year Old Male Division: Noah Eggert
9 Year Old Female Division: Brianna Leigh Cunningham
10 Year Old Male Division: Shawn Barber
10 Year Old Female Division: Lilly Johns
11 Year Old Male Division: Carter Zent / Kayvon Rezaei (Tie)
12 Year Old Female Division: Lyndsey Johns
12 Year Old Male Division: Joe Golgosky
13 Year Old Male Division: Sason Rezaei
14 Year Old Male Division: Zach Gorby

Thanks to Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District for the use of the facility, tables and chairs, to the Garrettsville Hardware for the paint (for the yardage lines), and the Garrettsville Lions Club for the trophies. Special Thanks to Volunteers: Travis Gorby, Zach Hoffmann, and Cristine Gorby for helping out at the event.

Friends of Melana 5K Run and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk to benefit Childhood Glioma Cancer Research

Records: Men – Jake Dialesandro 16:22 (2012)
Records: Women – Elizabeth Harper 22:07 (2011)

Female Overall Results
1 – Bridget Franek
2 – Sammi Vaughan
3 – Melodie Sams

Male Overall Results
1 – Josh Franek
2 – Travis Levan
3 – Jacob Franek

Female Age Group 1 – 12
1 – Theresa Paroff
2 – Amber Morris
3 – Olivia Brann

Male Age Group 1 – 12
1 – Drew Ferrari
2 – Aaron Morris
3 – Jayden Julian

Female Age Group 13 – 19
1 – Evie Head
2 – Miranda Hughes
3 – Caroline Hahn

Male Age Group 13 – 19
1 – Aaron Cline
2 – Jacob Klock
3 – Craig Anderson

Female Age Group 20-29
1 – Kelsey Kimmel
2 – Amy Green
3 – Nikki Rose

Male Age Group 20-29
1 – Dennis Kirimi
2 – Zachary Gillespie
3 – Aaron Laning

Female Age Group 30 – 39
1 – Jennifer Samardak
2 – Stacie Oliver
3 – Jocelyn Geib

Male Age Group 30-39
1 – Kyle Paul
2 – Joshua Barry
3 – Todd Collett

Female Age Group 40-49
1 – Rosalie Franek
2 – Tracy Finn
3 – Bonnie Alcei

Male Age Group 40-49
1 – Matt Hanks
2 – Jim Chaney
3 – Richard Clary

Female Age Group 50-59
1 – Becky Torok
2 – Diane Wilthew
3 – Rebecca Foldi

Male Age Group 50-59
1 – Ronald Demyan
2 – Bryan Short
3 – Dan Johnson

Female Age Group 60-99
1 – Marge Hayden
2 – Diane Bush

Male Age Group 60-99
1 – Earl Kissell
2 – Mark Warner
3 – John Plough