This year SummerFest is all about the family, so with that theme we have added some new contests that relate to families.

The first one is easy but has an early deadline, so don’t procrastinate. Grab a pencil, pen or keyboard and tell us what family means to you. In today’s society, families come in all shapes, kinds and sizes including, but not limited to, traditional, single parent, blended families and even dysfunctional ones. Tell us what family means to you. Maybe your bloodline family is gone or severed and you have adopted a new family like a civic group, your ball team, etc. tell us how they became your family. Be creative in telling your story. We have three age categories and word counts for each group. Ten – twelve year  olds will need a 50–100-word essay about what family means to them, teens, 13 years old to 18 years old will need 200 words, and adults, 19 years and older, will need a 300-word essay. Essays can be mailed or dropped off at the Weekly Villager at 8454 Windham Street Garrettsville, OH. 44231 and the last day to enter them is June 18, 2013 by 4pm. All essays should be printed. No e-mailed essays will be accepted and we are not responsible for essays lost or delayed in the mail.  Winning essays will be displayed during the festival and prizes will be awarded on June 28, 2013, during Opening Ceremonies of SummerFest.

The younger kids will not be left out. We are offering a coloring contest for the kids 10 and under, broken down into the following categories: Preschool, 5&6-year olds 7&8- year olds and 9&10-year olds. A picture will be supplied and found in the Weekly Villager or one may pick this up at the Weekly Villager’s office located at 8454 Windham Street. Colored pictures will also be due on June 18, 2013 at the Weekly Villager by 4pm. Prizes will be awarded at Opening Ceremonies on June 28, 2013. Colored pictures will also be displayed in store front windows during the festival.

Another new contest we are offering is a photo scavenger hunt. Gather a group of 3 or 4 friends or do it as a family, grab a camera or camera phone and snap pictures of items on our list. This is a festival activity and there is no charge to enter it. The list will be available at the information tent and the contest will run all weekend long until 2 pm Sunday.  Stop by the information booth and register your group or family and pick up the list. One will not need to attend the festival all three days to participate; there are bonus things on the hunt that can replace specific events.  Most pictures will require at least one member of your group in them. You do not develop the pictures. When you have found all of them bring your phone/ camera to the information tent, show us your pictures and we will verify them. Folks getting 25 of the 30 required items will be entered into a drawing for festival bucks and one free truck raffle ticket for your group. Festival bucks are tickets that can be used at any vendor (Except St. Ambrose’s Chicken Festival) during the festival.

We realize that not everyone can be here all weekend long and have made alternative pictures you can take to replace the scheduled events. Taking a picture of our many sponsors booth or team member with a logo can replace a special SummerFest event. Politicians’ pictures can also replace a scheduled event.

Winners will be drawn at 3 pm on Sunday.


This year’s SummerFest will be held on June 28th-30th.  The primary sponsors are Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Kepich Ford/ Main Street Grille and Brewing Company, University Hospital Geauga Medical Center, Charles Auto Family and the Weekly Villager. SummerFest is traditionally held the fourth full weekend in June at the intersections of State Route 82 and State Route 88 in downtown Garrettsville