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Garrettsville Summerfest Announces Idol Contestants


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Garrettsville – This past Sunday was the second round for Garrettsville Idol. The finalists from this round will compete on the Garrettsville Summerfest Stage June 25, 2017 starting at 7pm. Youth and teens are competing for $500 for each division, while the adults are competing for $1000.

Sunday’s competition was stiff and the judges had the difficult job of choosing who would have a chance to be the next Garrettsville Idol.

The youth division was narrowed down to three from five, while the teen division went from 12 to eight competitors. In the adult division, we saw some of the most talented singers we have seen in a while, making the judges’ decision a tough one. In the end, 12 adults dream of becoming the next Garrettsville Idol were still alive and will perform at Garrettsville Summerfest this summer.

Singing on stage in the youth division will be Madi Seiler, Aby Seiler and Sophia Scarvelli. The teens performing will be Cheyenne Head, Madi Scarvelli, Cali Apthorpe, Joy Carpenter, Sierra Kitchen, Makenzie Fink, Elizabeth O’Bryant, and Olivia Sheer. Those competing in the adult category are Diana Macek, Kristina Rossi, Eric Juzkiw, Faith Carpenter, Tiffany Bolton, Elisha Bly, Aimee Beelen, Tony Kitchen, Raelynn Debevits, Sara Apthorpe, Michael Jajcinovic and Jon Crane.

Congratulations to all the competitors!