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Garrettsville Mayor’s Update


Garrettsville – News flash! It is still raining  )–; So take advantage of the Boardwalk and you can see Mother Nature do her over-the-Falls thing… It is spectacular (—;

Meanwhile, we have a private investor, buyer, for Paul’s Lumber property all 14.8 acres of the complex.  I firmly believe this is a cause for celebration for the Village and the J.A Garfield Schools.

The private investor has plans for the property and the financial wherewithal to renovate and repair the building(s). When this is done and the business is up and running the village will welcome a new business we can all patronize and we will have some added revenue for our income tax.

The J. A. Garfield Schools will benefit because the privately- held property will continue to pay local property taxes, largely to the JAG schools, which is a better thing than the Village becoming the owner and so making the property tax exempt.

More updates on Liberty Street Bridges from the Portage County Engineer:

The Liberty Street Bridge between Center Street and Park Avenue is closed for vehicle and the sidewalk bridge is closed to pedestrians, but they can walk on the road/vehicle part of the bridge. Repairs are for the bridge to have its stringers (horizontal main supports) repaired and/or replaced.

The PC Engineer is planning on doing this work themselves and to create/ pre-construct new stringers to rehabilitate the bridge. To do this work they need to access the underside of the bridge, so, they need low water flows and this means the repair is likely to be in August.

The Liberty Street Bridge near Water Street has a closed sidewalk bridge that is totally unsafe for pedestrians… So don’t even think about it. The repair can be to either put a new pedestrian /sidewalk bridge on the old vehicle bridge for major money or build a stand alone pedestrian/sidewalk bridge for big money… The PC engineer is studying both options and is aware of the pedestrian walking in the street is a safety concern.

Last note– village meetings of Planning Commission on May 5th at 7 p.m. Council meets on Wednesday, May 11 at 7:30 p.m.   and chickens are on the table with other exciting votes to come… so come be a witness or participant… we can be entertaining.