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Garrettsville Knights of Columbus Announce Free Throw Winners


Garrettsville – Out of 51 participants, these sharpshooters had the most baskets made. Anthony DeNigris hit 13 out of a possible 15 in this age group, while Derek Miller, Billy Criblez and Sam Biltz all made 12 out of 15/ in their tie breaker round, Derek came in first place, making 4 out of a possible 5 shots. It took 3 tie breakers rounds between Billy Criblez and Sam Biltz to determine who got second place; it was Billy Criblez. This year the contests were open to 9-year-olds.

Great job to these winners and all who participated. The next level of competition is at Waterloo High School on February 22nd at 1 pm. These winners should report there (1464 Industry Rd, Atwater) at 12:30 pm, along with a copy of their birth certificates. They will get 25 shots at this level.

Some advice from Mr. McCarty to all: Practice all that you can, and when you compete at Waterloo, relax and take your time between shots. When you concentrate, you usually make your shot. You may win here and go on to compete at the state level.

K. of C. Members who were priveledged to hold this contest were; John McCarty, Dave Vincent, Bob May, Dan Huzl, Jeff VanOss and Rick Cermac.


Starting this year 9 year olds were allowed to shoot

Age Division   Place         Name             School     Baskets Made

9 year old boys 1st Carter Frato-Sweeny Elementary     9

9 year old boys 2nd Noah Eggert Elementary     4/2

9 year old girls 1st Sidney Seaman Elementary     3/1

9 year old girls 2nd Sarah Seaman Elementary     3/0

10 year old boys 1st Aaron Craver Intermediate   8

10 year old boys 2nd Trystan Gedeon Intermediate   5

10 year old girls 1st Samantha Miller Intermediate   7

10 year old girls 2nd Paige Marek Intermediate   2/2

11 year old boys 1st Jared Simon Intermediate   11

11 year old boys 2nd Noah Cornicelli Intermediate   8/3

11 year old girls 1st Grace Mills Intermediate   10

11 year old girls 2nd Emma Lawrence Intermediate   7

12 year old boys 1st Nathan Pitsinger Intermediate   10

12 year old boys 2nd Bobby DelTorto Middle   8

12 year old girls 1st Sarah Miller Middle   10

12 year old girls 2nd Madison Van Kirk Intermediate   6

13 year old boys 1st Derek Miller Middle 12/4

13 year old boys 2nd Billy Criblez Middle 12/1/3/4

13 year old girls 1st Taylor Mate Middle 2

13 year old girls 2nd Sabrina Hicks Middle 1

14 year old boys 1st Anthony DeNigris Middle 13

14 year old boys 2nd Zach Gorby Middle 4