The Garrettsville-Hiram Rotarians discovered that they had a “Rivergod” in their midst, as member Mike Keas gave an outline of his varied and interesting career(s) at the July 13, 2015 meeting.

A Jack-of-all-trades and , clearly, master of quite a lot ,he traced his progress through meatcutting, the rafting business, corporate training, commercial management, insurance, field service management, optician training, always with  the underpinning of his expertise in the whitewater experience and the enjoyment of outdoor adventure—that includes motorcycling and scuba.  He’s spent time as an organizer, a guide, an instructor in whitewater at KSU, at sport shows and on world travel experiences, with a circle of friends to match.  He’s known on his western trips as “Clydesdale” and approaches excursions, for instance, to the Frank Church Wilderness, with a “leave no trace” mindset. This truly is an adventure guy.

His definition of what makes whitewater—friction, gradient, obstacles—could be a guide  for anyone’s outlook on how to approach the understanding of adventures found in life every day.

In other business, Delores McCumbers reported the continuing efforts at sprucing up the signs at the entrance to the village and the entrance to the Headwaters Trail.  More plants!  More plants!  A start has been made on the organizing of the outlines of various club projects so that they can be approached with greater efficiency and dispatch.

The Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club meets on Mondays at noon in Cal’s II, Sky Plaza, Garrettsville