The Rotary Club of Garrettsville-Hiram met in Cal’s II, Sky Plaza, Garrettsville on August 7, 2017, for their regular business meeting, which consisted of ….
Contribution sign-up for potluck participation at the annual steak fry, to be held on aAugust 14 at 8289 Park Ave., Garrettsville, Party Center par excellence. Also a count of members and guests to be attending.
Brief information on the arriving exchange student from Chile. He’s a soccer player.
Acceptance, with regret, of the resignation of Carol Donley, who has served so ably in many club activities, including the youth exchange program and the 4-Way Speech competition. Health considerations required withdrawal from membership but appreciation for her service continues unabated.
News that Mike Keas, of Geauga Vision, may be returning to active membership—much anticipated.
Amy Crawford and Lisa Muldowney will be the designated shoppers for the Shoebox Project.
The annual Reverse Raffle fundraiser will be held on November 2, in SugarBush Golf Club. Planning is underway; a caterer is being sought. Some changes to activities are being considered to make the proceedings more fun and more effective. Sponsorships, donations are welcome and much appreciated. Tickets will be available soon. Mark calendars!
The Dictionary Project—giving dictionaries to all third graders at James A. Garfield Elementary—should be coming up in November.
Grant money is still being spent on signage and other amenities for the Headwaters Trail development, making Garrettsville a more “bike-friendly” town and encouraging more use of the trail as well as more opportunities for bicyclists to discover Garrettsville.
There is a meeting in Mantua concerning the Headwaters Trail—the villages of Garrettsville and Mantua and the Portage County Park District—to promote more co-operation between these governmental entities for the promotion, use and maintenance of the facility.
Visitors are always welcome but the Monday of August 14 will be at 6:00 p.m. for the steak fry.