The Rotary Club of Garrettsville-Hiram met on January 23, 2017 in Cal’s II, Sky Plaza, Garrettsville. VP/President-Elect, Amy Crawford, conducted the meeting, as President Delores McCumbers was prepping for her trip—leaving the next day– to India with a Rotary International program.

Member Mike Dobran passed around newly-issued cards available delineating James A. Garfield Core Values and Beliefs : Respect, Kindness, Communication, Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty, Teamwork and Engagement. These synchronize with the aim of the district to have all graduating students prepared for careers, higher education, military service, participation in community. There has also been a suggestion made that Rotary invite Garfield students to attend a meeting, perhaps once a month, to observe the functioning of a community-focused organization to see its benefits.

The group discussed joining the Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce, chose to, once again, sponsor the Middle School Power of the Pen tournament, per the request of coach, Jackie Lovelace, affirmed the decision to help the GEA distribute senior signs. Village flower baskets and Cruise Night sponsorships, joint activities with the Mantua-Shalersville club are also up for consideration.

More discussion on the Headwaters Trail included the information that resurfacing is on the calendar for this year. This segued into how the possible influence that park and trail promotion could be of great benefit to the village. There will be surveys and planning on-going for projects developing with this in mind.

Finally, a reminder that the James A. Garfield Academic Challenge team will be on TV this Saturday, January 28—WEWS, Channel 5.