And so it’s June for the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club.  Here’s the lowdown on their official business.

Stew Buchanan from Akron, District 6630 official public crier, brought announcements concerning Baseball Night for Rotary with the Cleveland Indians on July 29 and all of the festivities involved, reservations are due for next year’s 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary is signed in for ten project Shoeboxes for this coming year.

The Happy Dollars for this week commemorated a son returned, a daughter traveling, a granddaughter in the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra, a top French student, imminent return to grandchildren and the arrival—a tad early—of summer.

More information continues to be arriving about next year’s Rotary Student Exchange participant, from Germany.  Families interested in hosting should contact Tom Collins, or any Rotarian.

A possible Rotary project for next year might be handrails for the auditorium steps at Garfield High School to ensure accessibility.

Flyers have gone out to students at Garfield Elementary School for activities to engage in over the summer as part of the Fit-n-Fun program with the possibility of winning participation prizes.

Art, the current in-community Exchange student will be heading out to be a part of the Rotary western trip for exchange students from all over the country.  Kyle Collins, the recently–returned-from-Japan   local Rotary Exchange Student, received a 4-Way Test commemorative coin recognizing his participation in the project.

Stew Buchanan delivered a banner to Delores McCumbers , president-elect,  marking  2016-2017 as Rotary Serving Humanity.

There was a brief time of Farewell & Appreciation for Elder Damon Bahr and Sister Kim Bahr for their time spent with the Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary Club; they will be leaving June 20.  They will be missed.  The connection will remain, of friendship and blessing, of thanks and service.  G-H Rotary has been enriched, not only by the 90th anniversary digital scrapbook which they helped compile but by their ideas and enthusiasm in being part of the club.  They have grandchildren to reconnect to and new horizons.

Good cake.