The June 8, 2015 meeting of the Rotary Club of Garrettsville-Hiram, at Cal’s II in Sky Plaza, Garrettsville featured a program presented by departing exchange student, Lenart Zsadany, better known as “Zad”.  He spoke of  some of the highlights of his stay in the U.S. with the Collins, Schwan and Brown families, mentioning the travel—New York, Chicago, Outer Banks, Cedar Point,for instance—as particularly interesting.  He enjoyed his season with the Garfield soccer team(and did pretty well at it).  He observed the challenges of language and cultural differences and offered thanks for the support of the community in general and Rotary in particular.

Then it was on to business: A summary of the Fit-n-Fun program recently completed is going to the district newsletter, with pictures.  Sign-ups for time slots at the Rotary booth during Summerfest (6/26, 6/27, 6/28) were sorted out. The fund-raising function of this enterprise will have an international theme, highlighting the student exchange programs sponsored by Rotary. The editing of the membership rolls is under way; this will clarify the dues situation and inform the district how things stand.  The Reverse Raffle fundraiser in the fall is already on  the agenda.  “Bigger and Better Than Ever” is the   slogan going forward.  There will be a planning meeting at Sky Lanes on June 17—bright and early!.  Continued Chamber support is being appreciated and major prizes are being solicited.  Upcoming speakers will be recently-returned exchange student, Rachel Schwan—from Thailand, Greg Trask, of the Portage County Library, Garrettsville Branch and Kyle Collins, outgoing exchange student, heading for Japan.  July may still have openings.  Volunteers?  Induction of new officers for the 2015-2016 club year will take place June 29.

Elder Grant Howarth, of the Historic Johnson Home (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) on Pioneer Trail was welcomed to lunch.  He is a veteran of many Rotary meetings, beginning in Salt Lake City, with a stop in Singapore and time in an email Rotary Club.  He’s hoping to be in more regular attendance.

Garrettsville-Hiram Rotary meets every Monday at noon in Cal’s II  in the Sky Plaza, Garrettsville.