Garrettsville – The September 12, 2012 council meeting opened with council approving the minutes from special council meetings that were held in July and August dealing with the resignation of councilwoman Karen Clyde, the death of Mayor Moser and appointment of Council President Rick Patrick as Mayor, and the filling of two vacant council seats by new appointees Becky Harrington, and Chris Anderson.  Minutes from regularly scheduled council meeting on August 8, 2012 were also approved.
Revenue, expenditure, cash balance, and income tax reports were all reviewed.  It was reported that 310 residents who failed to file their 2011 income tax forms had been notified by mail.  To date, 77 of those had responded to the letters they received.
Ordinance 2012-23 amending the “Village of Garrettsville, Portage County, Ohio, Employee Handbook” was brought up for discussion.  The amendment clarifies part-time employee status as defined by hours worked.  The new amendment will classify employees as part-time for any position if they work less than 40 hours per week.  Council unanimously passed the proposed ordinance.
In other business, Council passed Resolution 2012-24, which will allow the county to collect property taxes on the Village’s behalf.  Council further discussed the bill for additional charges incurred during the curb-building project on South Street that was authorized by former Mayor Moser.  The additional charges, from changes that ODOT told the contractor had to be made to complete the road-resurfacing project, added approximately $3838 to the original estimate.  Council approved payment of the bill.
Next, Mayor Patrick brought up for discussion the Hermitage Capital Partners contract that was up for renewal.  The mayor encouraged Council to consider renewing the contract because of the benefits bestowed on the Village’s Economic Development project.  He stated that Joe Mayernick of Hermitage Capital Partners has been actively marketing the village in an effort to bring in new businesses.  He played a key role in negotiations with Catacil as well as the sale of the Amweld building.  Council agreed to the renewal of the contract.
A representative from Ohio Insurance Services presented a proposal soliciting an opportunity to represent the village in brokering health insurance services.  He offered a comparative report on current and new services he may be able to offer the village in an effort to save money and still provided a quality comprehensive plan for the village.  Ohio Health Insurance Services is an independent agency that contracts with heath care insurers.
Council adjourned to executive session for discussion of personnel.
If you’d like to know more of what is happening in your community, please attend a meeting.  Village Council will next meet October 10, 7:30 p.m. in the Village Hall.