Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Historical Society extended a thank you to the proprietors of Chic-N-Shabby for assistance rendered and put out a call for costumes for the Vintage Photo Fair to be held at the Garrettsville SummerFest.  (A success for both events).  The trip  to the Hudson Library and Historical Society was also adjudged interesting and definitely worthwhile.  Volunteers for the photo op were recruited;  a tentative schedule was outlined. Posters and flyer proposals were checked out, other prep work as well.  A grant application to the Hiram Community Trust has been submitted for acquiring microfilm from the Ohio Historical Society.The building will be open for Cruise Night on July 16, possibly for vintage photos as well.The Appraisal Fair arrangements are on-going; public relations (information and flyers) will be distributed soon.  All attic explorers are urged to come to get a local expert’s best estimation of what some of their newly-uncovered treasures might be worth.  A professional appraisal firm operating out of Delaware, Ohio (Garths) has indicated interest in becoming involved at a future date.  Things are moving forward…or backward, if you count the antiques, for the event to be held at the  James A. Garfield Middle School on August 20.  Trash or Treasure,  that is the question.  Come to find out.  Family pieces and family stories all have their interesting points but remember,      “Nobody really cares what your Grandma had except your Grandpa.”