The James A. Garfield Historical Society met on Monday, October 21 in the historic Mott Building, Main St. , Garrettsville to pursue its usual business.  This included :

• Enthusiastic thanks to Damaris Peters Pike for the contribution resulting from her recent presentation (with Jack Warren) “The Garfields—An Ohio Presidential Couple” , with the sponsorship of Ohio Health Benefits, LLC

• Tentative allocation of at least a portion of the donation to a historical marker commemorating the 1935 train Robbery in Garrettsville.  Julie Thompson reports no word yet from the Ohio Historical Society on a $800 grant for this project.

• Payment for the repair work completed on the roof and gutters.

• Designation of fifty dollars in the budget for next year’s Mystery of Our History presentation.  This year’s event suffered from rain but the first evening was well-received, though someone did make off with the candy dish.  Some re-organization and advertising expansion may be in the works.

• Interest during the recent Business Showcase was good but not overwhelming.

• A donation of documents from Judy Davis

• Cindy Matson will be in charge of the Christmas decoration of the front window; it’ll be a surprise!

• The apartment over the hat shop is once again vacant and available at a very reasonaaable price.

• Interest in providing a military marker in the cemetery for Daniel Ellinwood, veteran of the War of 1812.  The Veterans’ Administration in Ravenna has been helpful but next-of-kin must place official request.  The search is on!

• Scott Lawless is interested in providing the front window display for the period including the SummerFest next year, likely a compilation and illustration of his recent researches into local dairies and milk processing operations.

The James A. Garfield Historical Society meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 in the Mott Building.  The building is open to the public on the first Saturday of the month from ten to two.