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Garfield G-Men’s Tyburski Selected For Blue-Grey National Super Combine


Josh Tyburski was selected to attend the Blue-Grey National Super Combine at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, OH.   Towards the end of his junior year of high school, Josh was invited to attend a combine at the Cincinnati Bengals Football Stadium,  he was one of about 200 other prospects from Ohio and Kentucky to show their football skills.   After attending this combine, they picked Josh as one of  the top 200 prospects from all the combines they had in 36 states and gather them into one big nationwide combine.   

The Combine is a recruiting bonanza for prospects and colleges.  Josh was chosen to attend the first combine based on his 2011 football season for the Garfield G-Men.  Josh has 28 receptions for 401 yards averaging 14.32 yds per reception.  He averaged 40 yds a game for receiving with 3 touchdowns.  He also had 9 kick returns for 287 yds, averaging 32 yds per game with his longest return being 74 yds with 1 touchdown.

“I feel really happy about being top 200.  It’s a huge honor and I’m looking forward to the National Super Combine,” said Josh.  “We are very proud of Josh, he’s always worked very hard and definitely deserves this awesome opportunity,” said his parents.

Depending on Josh’s performance at this National Super Combine, he may be selected to compete in the first annual Blue-Grey National All-Star Game.  This game will be televised on Fox Sports and will be played at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 12, 2013.   GOOD LUCK JOSH!!

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