Mantua – On Saturday, February 4, “a great group of band students represented GHS with class and quality performances,” said James A . Garfield High School band director Joe Gaither.  The annual Solo & Ensemble contest took place at Crestwood High School, with more than 280 entries and 29 schools participating. Under the direction of Gaither, Theo Cebulla and student teacher Mr. William Talaba, JAG students performed very well, earning nine Superior  (I) and five Excellent (II) ratings.

Earning Superior Ratings
Woodwind Quintet – Andy Lininger, Brittany Sisson, Emma Bates, Logan Dean, and Andrea Sheller
Piano Solo – Nick Crawford
Snare Drum Solo – Eric Eiermann
Clarinet Quartet – Megan Wilburn, Jenna Yeager, Zoey Smith, and Rebecca Kern
Horn Quartet – Eileen Mangan, Andy Lininger, Lizzie Gerez, and Dakota Frank
Tuba Solo – Michael Ebie
Flute Trio – Andrea Sheller, Laura Wilburn, and Morgan Aebischer
Percussion Ensemble – Nick Crawford, Chad Curry, Ryan Everett, Brandon Nutter, Simeon Brown, and  Riley Chafin
Brass Quintet – Josh Moore, Jeff Lange, Eileen Mangan, Stefan Wickli, and Michael Ebie

Earning Excellent Ratings
Piano Solo – Molly Everett
Brass Choir – Rachel Huehner, Rebecca Smith, Stefan Wickli, Dakota Frank, Lizzie Gerez, Andy Lininger, Summer Wilde, Jeff Lange, and Josh Moore
Piano Solo –  Andy Lininger
Woodwind Trio – Molly Everett, Andrea Sheller, and Cassidy King
Trumpet Trio – Garrett McArdle, Jeff Lange, and Summer Wilde