The recent gathering of the James A. Garfield Alumni attracted some 126 alumni and guests for an evening of memories, reconnections and entertainment, with delicious catering by Guido’s of Ravenna and a presentation of social and economic points to ponder by Superintendent Ted Lysiak and board vice president David Vincent (Class of ’70).

Jeanette Wilson Hall took the honors for having the most distant graduation date (1947). Recognition for being the most distant in sheer mileage traveled to attend went to Victor Oros, class of ‘57. Youngest alumnus in attendance was Adam Gilmer (’11). All of the honored year alumni (’47, ’57, ’67, ’77, ’87, ’97) were prompted to recall the prices of common purchases such as gasoline, stamps and houses. Those were the days!

Kristine Gilmer, Garfield art teacher, and Garfield art students were responsible for the decorative placemats at each diner’s place. The mums in the hall were donated by Debbie Kostrub ‘82, of Art-N-Flowers, Garrettsville. The abundance of food allowed the surplus meals to be donated to Center of Hope in Ravenna.

All Garfield alumni are on notice to save the date for next year’s banquet—the third Saturday in September—September 14, 2018. Postcard reminders will be mailed by May 31. Plan ahead.