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G-Men Football Team Recognized At Village Council Meeting


Garrettsville – The February 8, 2017 council meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance. The normal business of accepting previous minutes, paying bills and going over revenue was taken care of.
Then Mayor Rick Patrick made a special presentation to Coach Mike Moser and three members of the Garfield G-Men football team. They were presented a plaque and a special resolution that was read publicly and signed by all members of council.

This was a very nice ceremony and everyone who in attendance appreciated the presentation. Here’s hoping the G-Men have another great season next year too!

After the presentation council resumed normal business. Ordinance 2016-8 was taken off the table and amended. It has to do with R-2 zoning variances. It affects lot sizes greater than 1/3 of an acre but less than ½ acre. This ordinance passed.

Ordinance 2016-35 approving overtime that is due village employees was approved. The employees will have a deadline of February 28, 2017 to turn in past due overtime.
The Garrettsville Library has a new LED sign to help them communicate better with the community. They now offer portable internet hotspot devices for a two week lending period. There are many interesting events to be offered for the benefit of the community at the library in the coming months.

There was a discussion with some residents who had questions concerning a dedicated street. The street in question has to be dedicated and accepted to be considered a village street. The developer has to come in to a council meeting and ask for the dedication to be accepted.

The meeting closed with general comments regarding the village. Mayor Patrick informed council that the new tractor is in and the new dump truck will be in shortly.

A local hospital commended the EMS crew for the work they did while bringing in a patient who suffered a heart attack. The new EMS truck helped them do their job and care for the patient.

New maple trees have been planted in the cemetery and they look very nice. There was talk about getting more maple trees in the future. After these discussions council adjourned. The next council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 8 at 7:30pm.