After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman John Zizka called the regular township meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 6, 2017. Present: Trustees Jeff Derthick, John Zizka and Roy Martin and the Fiscal Officer, Karen Martin. Present also were Road Supervisor Tony VanSteenberg, Zoning Inspector Rich Gano. Also present were residents: Mr. Charles Duffield and Mr. Rick Kruis.
A budget workshop was held on June 30, 2017, for the trustees and fiscal officer to put together a 2018 budget.
A motion was made by Trustee Martin and seconded by Trustee Derthick to approve the minutes of the June 15, 2017 regular meeting.
During public comment, Mr. Rick Kruis commended the township for offering the Community Park for the Amateur Radio Field day events. They had a successful event and look forward to coming again next year. Mr. Kruis also presented to the township a check for the park from the PCARS Association in the amount of $500.
Tony VanSteenberg gave the road report. Several roads were repaired with the hot patch. Two roadside brush pickups were done on Wednesday due to the holiday. The steel siding for the garage on S.R. 700 has been purchased and the repair will be done when possible. Also the roof for the shed at the rental house repair has been done with steel. Tony reported that the overhead garage door has broken cable, hinges and rollers. He has contacted American Renovations where the doors were purchased and they are to come and repair as soon as possible. Tony will be replacing a culvert on Asbury north between Streeter and Hankee. A notice will be forwarded to the newspaper.
Tony has contacted Mr. Proya about re-spraying for weeds. Also report that a resident on Smalley Road put in a new concrete driveway and closed in the ditch and the resident paid for the job per our culvert and ditch enclosing policy.
Tony noted that the portable sign that was used in front of the townhall was unrepairable. Prices will be obtained and possibly another portable will be obtained until an up -to-date LED sign can be purchased.
Tony has measured Asbury Road for mileage (1.03 mi) to consider next year for Issue II funds.
VanSteenberg reported that there was one burial this week; one cremation at West Cemetery and one burial at Drakesburg.
Trustee Zizka gave information out on crack sealing. Consideration will also be given to any roads that may need chip and seal.
Trustee Derthick discussed the benefit of keeping the old back-up backhoe/loader. The old one is still being used some and disposition, if any, will be discussed at another meeting.
There was a discussion concerning a new commercial riding mower. Prices will be obtained by Tony for a 52” and a 42” mower. The subject will be reviewed at another meeting.
Tony and the trustees will decide on chip and seal projects to get prices and specs. The Portage County Engineer’s department would work up the specs for the road(s) to consider.
Park: Tony has prices for chain and “S” hooks to install the replacement swings from Menards priced at about $90 for 100’ chain plus the cost of the “S” hooks. A motion was made by Trustee Martin and seconded by Trustee Derthick to purchase chain and “S” hooks for the replacement swings from Menards and not to exceed $125.
Trustee Zizka checked with Organic Roots about the Silver Maple that need replacements. They stated that planting should be done in the fall. Later this year we will discuss the issue again.
Trustee Derthick noted that the Park Boosters have a bench to raffle off for a money project.
The fiscal officer gave the following information:
a. The Local Government committee met and selected a smaller committee to meet with the cities and villages, concerning the distribution of Local Government Funds. Another meeting will be held on July 31. More information will be shared as received.
b. The Township budget hearing will be held on Friday, July 14, at 10 a.m., here in Townhall.
c. The new UAN computer has been received and installed. At this time the old computer belongs to the township. The old computer will be cleaned to see if it is good to use.
d. The State Auditor’s office has requested a special resolution to be signed by the trustees in order to establish a Veteran Memorial Fund.
e. A reminder that the OTARMA MORE grant for $500 is available and receipts may be submitted before the end of the year.
f. Information will be obtained to see if the county is offering the “Celebrate Portage” grant this year.
In unfinished business:
a. The rental agreement for the property by the cemetery was sent to Mr. Bossow to sign.
b. Questions on life insurance were discussed. Upon checking it was determined that Anthem has been not included for Butch but the application was submitted. Karen will check on the status of the life insurance.
c. A discussion on liability insurance on the Drakesburg Square property. The prosecutor will be consulted about further information.
d. Trustee Zizka noted that no new information on the Corpening property. He is waiting to hear more information.
In new business:
a. The Freedom Community picnic will be held on August 20. Further information on events of the day will be discussed at a later date.
b. The Portage County Fair booth display theme is “Best You’ve seen in 2017”. Trustee Derthick is checking with the 4-H club about doing the Freedom display.
c. Trustee Derthick noted that the records room is in need of organization.
During the zoning portion of the meeting, there was a discussion on usage of the Zone Pro program. Since 2012 the program has not been used although the township has paid the annual fee of $255. Question of a backup on the Zone Pro revealed that it is unknown if there is a backup. The issue will be revisited at another meeting.
Trustee Zizka made a motion that was seconded by Trustee Martin to go to Executive Session to discuss legal issues concerning a zoning issue at 9:50 p.m. Trustee Martin made a motion that was seconded by Trustee Derthick to return from Executive Session at 10:19 p.m.
A motion was made by Trustee Martin and seconded by Trustee Derthick to notify the County Prosecutor to proceed with the court case against Trent Milano. Trustee Zizka will notify Prosecutor Chris Meduri.
Rich Gano reported that he issued 2 permits; both for accessory buildings. He also stated that he has not had any response from Mr. Criblez or My Freedom LLC (on signage). Also no response was received from the high grass notification letters. He has talked with Mr. Dave Bonner concerning the trucking being done from his home and Mr. Bonner reported that he has not had the medical surgery at this time and reminded Rich that the Trustees had granted him time until after his surgery.
During the meeting, warrants & EFTs, #8986-#9014 in the amount of $21,537.43 were presented to the trustees for approval and ordered paid by signature.
A motion was made by Trustee Martin and seconded by Trustee Derthick to adjourn the Regular Township meeting at 10:33 p.m.