Highlights of the December 16, 2010 Trustee Meeting:
The Zoning Inspector is still having computer problems. Trustees gave permission to get information on a new computer.
Mr. VanSteenberg reported the fuel tank on the ’95 Kodiak truck had a hole in it. Trustees agreed to authorize repair for a cost not to exceed $500. They also authorized purchase of 4 recapped tires for the truck at $225 each, plus $24 each for mounting. They also agreed to have repairs made to the springs on the door at the Route 700 garage for the sum of $235.
Trustee Hammar said our best opportunity for grant money for park projects is Nature Works (ODNR). The county share is going to be about $48,000 this year. The most we could hope to get is 70%. It was agreed he should proceed with the grant request.
Trustees agreed to approve the Delta Dental premium of $69.17 per month for the year 2011. Mrs. Nicholas noted this was a $2.04 per month increase. There was no increase in 2010.
Trustees accepted a $50 donation from Dorothy Morrison and family in memory of Thomas Kristoff.
It was agreed that the Annual Township Inventory would be held Monday, January 10 at 9am beginning at the Town Hall.
Trustee Zizka said mats were needed for the back door and upstairs at the church. Mr. VanSteenberg will check pricing with Rentwear. Mr. Zizka also advised the gutter on the south side of the church came down because of heavy snow and ice.
Mr. Zizka continues to follow up on details regarding the town hall porch project.
Mr. Hammar said there may be NOPEC grant money left over after the initial first round. Mr. Martin suggested if so, we apply for insulated doors and openers for the township garage, also an insulated entrance door.
The draft Cemetery Regulations brochure was reviewed and several revisions suggested. Mrs. Nicholas will present a revised brochure, which includes all the recommended changes, to be considered for adoption by the Trustees at the December 30 meeting.