Freedom Twp. – The November 18 meeting began with a presentation by Mr. Ratliff, Lease Acquisitions, Kenyon Energy, who presented a revised lease agreement based on discussions with Mr. Zizka and Attorney Dann Timmons. Added were a water testing clause before and after drilling and a water damage clause. The water testing would be done at the oil company’s expense, as regulated through the State. Two proposals were offered: a 5yr/5yr renewal option non-drilling lease for $500/per acre ($25,400 payable in 60 days) or a straight 10-year non-drilling lease at $1,000 per acre ($50,800 payable in 60 days). the difference with the 5/5 year lease is that it may or may not be renewed, depending on the market. Mr. Martin made the motion, seconded by Mr. Zizka, to sign a 10-year Non-Drilling Oil & Gas Lease with Chesapeake Exploration, LLC for a total of 50.8 acres at $1,000 per acre or $50,800 payable in 60 days. All trustees voted yes. A recorded copy of the lease will be received.

Mr. Hammar said since much of this leased acreage involved park property, he would like the money to be designated to the Park Development fund. Mr. Martin said he would like to see it split, half going to town hall renovations. Mr. Zizka agreed. Mr. Hammar amended his motion to deposit 50% to the Park Fund and the balance to the general fund for town hall renovations. All agreed.

Mr. Richmond and Mr. Kishel of Weathertite showed a sample of their windows and submitted a revised proposal which included doors for the town hall and church, including all hardware for the doors. They were thanked, but no further action was taken at this time.

Zoning Inspector Derthick said the Zoning Commission agreed to remove the word “damaged” in section 301.5A of the code and change it to “structures destroyed by natural disaster”. He also spoke of some other changes to be considered. A permit was issued for a house on Nichols Road, two mylars and one agriculture permit. It was agreed to have the better of the two zoning office computers taken for evaluation and recommendation on upgrades needed to make it compatible with the upgrades.

Mr. VanSteenberg was given the OK to purchase cutting edges and bolts for the plow at a cost of $204. He reported the door is installed at the old garage and the furnaces installed at the church. The gas company is scheduled for tomorrow, the fuel oil has been removed and is at the garage.

Mr. Hammar said he is still working on grant applications for the park. He also said he had an inquiry about displaying banners at the ball games. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.

Mr. Martin said the Fire Department’s grant request for a tanker was turned down.

Mr. Zizka provided reports on responses, transports, department staffing levels and EMC minutes of 10/14 and 10/28 special meeting to review and revise standard operating procedures guidelines.

Mr. Martin attended the recent RAB board meeting and gave an update regarding clean-up of Rocket Ridge. Freedom will host the next RAB meeting February 16 at the Town Hall.

Mr. Hammar, Chairman of the Board, was authorized to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement Program, Local Transportation Improvements Program, and/or Small Government Program, and to execute contracts as required for the Vair Road Crossover Project CGU17. All agreed.

The new pricing structure for the new Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium, the first increases in a number of years. All agreed to continue the 2-year agreement between Robinson Health Affiliates dba Working Partners and the members of the Portage County Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium which expires Dec. 31, 2010.

Trustees signed a letter to be sent Bill Steiner, Director, Solid Waste Management District, in support of his quest for a Tire Amnesty Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. A resolution in support of this grant request was passed unanimously by all 18 townships represented at the County Association meeting Nov. 13.

After much discussion about the purchase of our diesel fuel, Mr. Martin made a motion to contract with Western Reserve Farm Cooperative to rent two double wall tanks for $23 per month which includes all maintenance. Martin and Hammar voted yes, Zizka voted no. Motion was approved and passed.

Mr. Zizka said he would like to give Countrywide an opportunity to meet with the board, as Weathertite did tonight. Motion was approved and passed.

Mr. Hammar made a motion, seconded by Mr. Martin, to schedule the last meeting of December for Thursday, December 30 at 7:30pm at the town hall. All agreed.

Mrs. Nicholas suggested a meeting in mid-December to sign checks and focus on cemetery regulations. All approved a meeting for Thursday, December 16 at 7pm.

Mr. Zizka had architect’s drawings for town hall front porch renovations. He will meet with the architect for a few minor changes then it will go to the building department.

Mr. Leet continues to gather information to be presented to Suddenlink regarding high speed internet service. Mr. Hammar will contact Frontier after the first of the year.