Freedom Twp. – The 96th annual banquet for Freedom Township Alumni Association and James A Garfield School District, was held April 26th at Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna Township. The 74 members attending represented the alumni of the classes of 1931 thru 1975. The students from 1952 thru 1975 became part of the consolidation of the Garfield School system but they had attended the old school building in Freedom during their grade school years.

They honored the classes of 1924, 1934, 1944, 1954, 1964 and 1974. Eisele Catering of Mantua provided the dinner. Barbara Bailey, 1973, President welcomed the members and their guests. J.J. Leet of 1965 gave the invocation.

Many letters, notes, and photos from graduates and former teachers were shared with the gathering. Speedometers and Jaguar yearbooks were reviewed, along with school year photos. They viewed the 21 names of the class members obituaries of the past year, since we last met. They shared special memories of Orson Ott, Superintendent; Dr. Agnes Monroe Smith, teacher who left many imprints on their school years.

1964 grads, Charles Helming and Alice Vasko Brandt were honored. Special memories of 1954 grad Don Moore were shared.

President Barbara thanked her officers, Vice President Althea Bailey Tittle, Secretary and Treasurer, Jeannette Marvin-Hall for their reports. Also volunteers Nancy McGinnis Santos ’70 and Elaine Lange Duffield ’56 for their help. The nominating Committee presented the officers for 2015 school year as President, Barbara Bailey ’73 and Vice President Althea Bailey Tittle ’75, Secretary Elaine Lange Duffield ’56 and Treasurer Jeannette Wilson Marvin-Hall ’47 for the coming year of 2015. The alumni voted unanimously to accept the slate of officers for 2015. Also accepted was the request by Karen Knipper Martin ’68 for help for a committee to construct and place at the Freedom Township a Military Memorial for the years of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan war. Those who are interested in helping were to contact Karen and report to the township trustees.