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Free Water Well Monitoring


On June 24, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. (fourth Monday of every month) Concerned Citizens Ohio/Hiram will offer free monthly private water well monitoring using Sierra Club meters to test for “indicators” of water quality in the Community Room (downstairs) of the Hiram Christian Church, 6868 Wakefield Road, Hiram, OH 44234 (corner of State Routes 700, 82, 305). For accurate readings a water sample should be as directly from the well as possible (not the water sitting in the pipes) – before any treatment. To flush the pipes completely, collect your sample after running household cold water for about 10 minutes. (To save water, you can wash several loads of laundry in cold water before sampling.) Use a clean, wide-mouthed, covered glass container that holds about 8 oz. For more information contact Gwen Fischer at 330-569-7863 or concernedcitizensohio@gmail.com.

The Shalersville branch of Concerned Citizens Ohio continues to offer free water monitoring in their Streetsboro location (King of Glory Church in Streetsboro Plaza) at 3:15 on the first Sunday of every month.  For more information contact Mary Greer 330-472-8086.