Kent –  The group REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition is hosting a FREE Firearms Appraisal Fair at the Ravenna VFW, 5998 New Milford Road, Ravenna Ohio on June 10 from 4:30 to 8:00 pm.

Multiple area gun shops will participate in the 2nd annual FREE firearms valuation event.  Area citizens are invited to bring their collectibles, family heirlooms, gun show finds and firearms that they have general questions about.   The event starts at 4:30 pm,  Attendance is free,  and no firearms will be bought or sold there.

Participating locations include:  Targething Pro Shop-Garrettsville, Jansen Brothers Hardware- Mantua, Sporting Defense-Brimfield,  The Gunrunner Auctions – Burton and a variety of expert / specialists.

Amanda Suffecool,  Director of REALIZE  Firearms Awareness Coalition, said “We are pleased to have the VFW Post 1055’s support in hosting this educational event.  It’s not often that we have multiple somewhat competing businesses working together in one location.  This is not a buy/sell event, but a real opportunity to get various opinions on the value of your items. “

She went on to say “Firearms are an investment and REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition takes its charter seriously in the area of education.   We want to help folks in understanding the value of the firearm in your gun safe, closet or the box under the bed.”  And there is always that old bumper sticker line of  “ I sure hope my wife sells my guns for what they are worth, and not what I told her I paid for them.”

REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition presents seminars on a monthly basis. Each of the monthly programs features a local expert offering their perspective and expertise and covers a topic that is of interest to the firearms community.   On the docket for this year is a “CAR Shoot”,  a program on the use of pepper-spray for self defense and a concealed carry fashion show.