Ravenna – This weekend the southwest side of Ravenna will be a happening place as the Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC) racers from all over the country will converge on Freddie’s Hobbies to race their quarter scale vehicles on his track. (Quarter scale race cars are approximately 1?4 the size of a standard car hence the name quarter scale) Quarter scale radio controlled vehicles will race on an asphalt oval and compete for points to qualify for the national championships. This race in Ravenna is one of six qualifying races held throughout the country each year where racers compete for points.
The race will attract approximately 60 racers from around the country with folks coming from as far west as California and Arizona, and from as far south as Florida and Alabama, along with the states in between. The racers are expected to start arriving as early as Monday for the weekend event.  Qualifying races will begin Friday and the finals will be held on Saturday. The race follows all QSAC rules and regulations set for the 2011 racing year.

Quarter scale enthusiasts say they are just “boys with their toys” and after watching them one would have to agree. Their toys are a bit bigger than their childhood ones and somewhat more expensive but it is all about the playing. One told me that they just love to compete; they are a friendly bunch of folks who love the sport and who are more than willing to help the newcomer learn to love the sport as well. Don’t get me wrong, they are serious but not so much that they won’t help out a newbie.
Freddie’s Hobbies holds races every Saturday but not point races. This week’s races are a big national event that is considered a point race while their traditional weekend race is usually just friendly competition.  The weekly races usually start at 1pm.
What do these guys get for all that racing?  Big Bucks, right?  Well, not exactly. They get bragging rights and a trophy. These guys are in it for the love of the sport, not the prize money, especially since there isn’t any.

Freddie’s Hobbies is located at 100 Romito Street Unit A Ravenna, where owner Freddie Miavitz manufactures and sells quarter scale vehicles. He also sells radio-controlled planes, helicopters, and small rockets, along with puzzles and just recently obtained a permit to sell guns. He also has parts, fuel and many accessories.  Questions about the race schedule and times or about Freddie’s Hobbies can be directed to Freddie at (330) 296-4354 or visit him on line at www.freddieshobbies.com.