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Fire Board Considers Ambulance Purchase


Windham – The W.V.F.D. Joint Fire District Board met for their regularly scheduled meeting recently.  Prior to the meeting each board member had an opportunity to see the possible new ambulance for the district. The new ambulance is a 2010 Ford E-450 super duty that is set up exactly like the primary ambulance they are already using. This unit, if purchased, will replace the older of the two units they have in service. After viewing the ambulance, they called their regularly-scheduled meeting to order. First item on the agenda was to choose a chairman and vice chairman of the board for the new year. The board chose Dann Timmons as the chairman and Donny Altiere as the vice chairman. Next item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes of the last meeting, bank reconciliation, and January bills and wages.

Fire chief reported that all the trucks were in good shape except for truck 2815.

Engine 2815 was sent to Wire Wizards in Akron to have electrical work done to the inverter when the alternator shorted out. The alternator was replaced as well as two regulators in the inverter.

The chief also reported that the fire extinguishers, Scot Air Paks and new radios were in, however the air packs came without audio which is needed and the board agreed to order them. When the department purchased these previously they came standard with the air paks but now they have to be ordered separately. The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (M.A.B.A.S.) is been revamped and is ready to be used. This procedure is set up for our dispatchers to make calling for mutual aid departments easier. When activated, the dispatcher will be given a box alarm and number. In the number is all the information he/she needs to call out the mutual aid. Such information includes the fire department, equipment needed and phone number of the M.A.B.A.S. requested.

The chief stated that the office is almost completed and they will be soon working on painting the meeting room. The firemen will do the labor. All the board will need to do is purchase the paint. The chief also reported that after they had evaluated everyone’s gear and discovered that two sets are outdated and two other sets need to be cleaned. The gear was sent to Warren Fire who routinely handles their equipment needs. Finally the chief reported that Rich Gano has submitted a resignation for retirement from the fire department. Mr. Gano has faithfully served the community for 29 years as a firefighter and a medic. The board regretfully accepted his retirement and thanked him for all the years he had served the community faithfully.

Mr. Terry Fund from Lifeline Emergency Vehicles presented figures to the board for the purchase of a new ambulance. After some discussion the board tabled the approval of the purchase until next month so the board could review the proposal and inquire about a lease-purchase.

The fire board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the fire station. All meetings are opened to the public.