Burton – Are you looking for unique a baby gift or necessity item? If so, you will want to try Fezziwig’s located at 13868 Kirtland Street in Burton on the northeast corner of Burton Square.  They have just what you are looking for since 2007.  Many of their items are eco-friendly and/or organic which is great for baby and great for the Earth; Bill and Jody Grzywinski see to it that the items they offer are perfect.
You will not find the average run-of-the-mill baby items here, but what you will find are items that are beautiful, soft, fun and functional.  Right now the major focus is on newborns and up to 4 year old children. Bill and Jody are hoping to expand to older children in the near future.
Many new customers tell Jody that they thought the store was a consignment or used items store.  That is a misconception because all the items are brand new.  Some of the items they offer include diaper bags, bumGenius cloth diapers, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, sippy cups, Burt’s Bees Baby Line, blankets, mobiles, night lights, growth charts, rugs, lamps, unique clothing, gift sets, keepsake items, stuffed animals, books, activity toys, wooden toys, music for baby and so much more.  New items will be coming soon.  You can also view and order items online at www.Fezziwig’s.us.  Prices range from very affordable to high end and promises that there will be something to fit every budget.
Jody told me that one of the most used services they offer is their baby registry.  She said that many moms-to-be register at the big box baby stores as well as at Fezziwig’s.  That way Mom is sure to get all the supplies she needs to take care of the baby and those unique gifts you cannot find elsewhere.  The registry can be accessed through their website which makes using it  very convenient.
Their store hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 am until 5 pm and on Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm.  The website is always open.  Parking is available right in front of the store, or if you prefer to park in front of the shops north of Burton Square, you will find a walkway that connects those stores to Fezziwig’s.
Jody is an extremely warm and welcoming person ready to help you find just the right gift or necessity item.  The store is so adorable inside, you will want to be sure to spend some quality time looking at all the different items available.  It is an absolutely delightful store and one worth stopping by.  If you have a baby on the way or know of someone who does, be sure to stop by Fezziwig’s for that just-right gift.
You may be wondering what the name Fezziwig’s stands for.  Jody told me that the name comes from Charles Dickens’s “The Christmas Carol.”  In the story, Scrooge used to work for Fezziwig, who was a kind man who cared for his employees which is the exact opposite of Scrooge’s management style.  Fezziwig’s is a perfect name for this store because Bill and Jody care about their customers, the Earth and their fellow man.  You can feel good about shopping there and know that they donate 10% of their profits to St. Jude’s hospital.  Great people, great gifts, and great for baby!