Another Fabulous Freebie from the Hiram Community Trust  and the Hiram College Music Department:

On Friday, October 25, hammered dulcimer virtuoso Tina Bergmann and string bassist Bryan Thomas will present a free concert in the Frohring Recital Hall at 7:30p.m.  The much-acclaimed duo are Ohio-based folk artists performing an eclectic repertoire of traditional American, Celtic and South American music.

Pete Seeger—you remember him—has called Tina Bergmann “the best hammered dulcimer player I’ve heard in my life.”  Well.  They have traveled much of the United States, playing and instructing in a variety of settings.  They have two books and six recordings available.  They have received international airplay for their artistry.  One review stated, “From quiet and sublime to joyful and stirring, the combination of dulcimer and bass and the manner in which Tina and Bryan play them, open up a whole range of feeling of what it means to be human.”

This talented pair will be introducing third and fourth graders at the Garfield Elementary school to their instruments and their music on Friday morning.  The full concert, open to the public, will be at Frohring Recital Hall, 11746 Dean St., Hiram, in the evening.  For more information, contact Tina S. Dreisbach at

Rock on, folkies!