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Eggshelland Revived by the Euclid Beach Boys


Lyndhurst – Last year the Manolio family, who had been creating the mosaic art pieces from real egg shells in their front yard for 55 years, announced it would be the last year they would do it. The unexpected death of Ron Manolio, in the fall of 2012, made the 2013 display a tribute to the creator Ron Manolio, make the end of an era; at least it was for the Manolio family. 

eggshell-land-revival-euclid-beach-boys-amusement-history-lyndhurstLast year, when The Euclid Beach Boys heard this would be the last display of Eggshelland that the Manolios would do, they approached the family about obtaining the displays and keeping the tradition alive for the many families who made the annual trek to Lyndhurst to see them. The Manolio family was generous enough to allow The Euclid Beach Boys to become the proud owners of the display, thus keeping the tradition alive.

This year, Eggshelland has been moved to the tennis courts at the community center at 3141 Parkview Drive in Lyndhurst. The display is smaller than in past years but it is nice. Folks will the see many of the favorites they saw at the Manolio’s, such as their traditional Easter bunny and the eggshell sign, along with ducks, chicks and the traditional cross.

The display can be seen from April 12th -19th anytime during daylight hours but the walk-thru is only open  April 12th  12pm until 8pm, April 13th 8:30 am until 1:30 pm, April 14th -18th 6pm – 8pm, and April 19th 12pm until 8pm.

The Euclid Beach Boys have been “Preserving Cleveland’s Amusement history, one piece at a time.” They are also the proud owners of Euclid Beach memorabilia including the famous rocket car as well. More information about The Euclid Beach Boys can be found at their website www.theeuclidbeachboys.com

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