Mantua – You may have noticed a new pool and dock complex on State Route 82 near Roundup Lake in Mantua. But you won’t find any bikini-clad beauties lounging by the tranquil blue water. This is no ordinary swimming pool. The only bathing beauties you’ll find are fun-loving, dock-diving athletes — local dogs and their owners practicing the sport of dock diving. The new business is a dock diving practice facility where people, along with their furry friends, can learn about the sport of dock jumping or dock diving, where dogs compete in jumping for distance or height.

According to Wikipedia, dock jumping first appeared at the Incredible Dog Challenge, an event sponsored by pet food manufacturer Purina in 1997. Since 2000, dock-jumping events have been held in the United States and around the world. Locally, Duke’s K9 Dash ‘N Splash is a dock diving practice facility for dogs and their owners to learn about the dog sport of dock diving at their 40 foot pool and dock. In addition, they also offer K9 swimming, workshops, and national competitions at their Mantua location.

Duke’s K9 Dash ‘N Splash owner Michelle Filler explained, “After our son, Zakary, and our Belgian Malinois, Duke, (pictured)fell in love with dock diving we began to look for facilities where we could go to practice and learn more about dock diving.” Upon investigation, they learned that the closest facility was an hour and a half away, which prompted them to open up a facility closer to home. In looking for potential areas for their fledgling facility, they thought about how the sport of dock diving fit in well with outdoor enthusiasts and camping. It made sense to partner with local campground Roundup Lake to provide local folks with a place to learn more about the sport while giving families, including their four legged kids, a new way to enjoy their time together.

“Duke and dock diving have changed our lives,” Ms. Filler explained. “The bond Zak and Duke have formed is undeniable, and the time we spend enjoying this hobby together is priceless. Our hope is that countless other families will now have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as much as we are!”

To find out more, visit them on Facebook, at or by calling (330) 485-3624.