Newton Falls – December 21st, 2012 was, according to the Mayans, supposed to be the end of the world as we know it. It is on that date, supposedly, that the winged god Quetzalcoatl would return to the earth and signify the end of days.Game1Well, since it is now January 2013, it’s safe to say that fortunately that interpretation of prophecy did not happen. But for one local business, that much-anticipated day did mean an official arrival and a new start to what the owners hope is a long and prosperous adventure.

The Guild House Oasis, one of the newest fixtures in the middle of downtown Newton Falls, has been open since June but decided to have their official grand opening in honor of their mascot – and the decorative logo on their employee shirts – the Quetzalcoatl. In celebration, the small shop welcomed customers with door prizes, free giveaways to satisfy a sweet tooth or gaming passion, and a slew of various special activities throughout the afternoon and evening. Visitors from as far away as Michigan braved the winter weather to commemorate the event and show support for this little shop of creative curiosities. In addition to selling all manner of gaming paraphernalia such as board games, card games, role-playing games, miniature figurines and dice in just about every color and number of sides imaginable, the inviting space beckons those willing to learn to sit down and play awhile at one of the tables set up for just that purpose. Have you been “jonesing” for a soda? Stop in for a game and a drink as refreshments are for sale at the gamers’ fingertips and feature unusual snacks such as pocky, a sugary treat popular in the anime culture and imported stateside, as well as the vibrantly hued Jones Soda bottles which are served nice and cold with a warm and friendly smile.

In addition to the benefits given to customers in honor of the grand opening, the Guild House Oasis offers regular discounts for local heroes like military and firefighters, and they were one of several businesses that participated in an early Black Friday shopping experience specially designed for college students before the holidays. Situated fairly central to several area colleges and universities, it’s a great place to gather with friends and see what’s new. There’s always something interesting going on at the Oasis, so stop on in and help welcome them to town!