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Doll Party Gala 2012


Aurora – The Doll Gatherers Cloth Doll Club from Aurora, Ohio is now polishing up the final touches for another spectacular, theme-related doll makers’ conference. THE DOLL PARTY GALA 2012 will be held at Punderson Resort in Newbury, Ohio on May 18-20 and will feature very popular and well-known doll art designers: Lillian Alberti (Warwick NY), Susan Barmore (Louisville, KY), (Arley Berryhill (Albuquerque, NM), Deanna Hogan (Astonia,OR), and Cyndi Mahlstadt (Redfield, IA). All pre-paid and registered participants will enjoy a weekend of doll making workshops, doll exhibits and various other activities related to doll-making interest. This event is planned to include Beginner to Advanced doll makers. Visit www.clothdollconnection.com/dollgatherers for detailed information or contact Joan Stephens Coordinator) at DGdolling@AOL.com This conference IS NOT related to or for collectible dolls.