Aurora – The Doll Gatherers Cloth Doll Club from Aurora, Ohio is now polishing up the final touches for another spectacular, theme-related doll makers’ conference. THE DOLL PARTY GALA 2012 will be held at Punderson Resort in Newbury, Ohio on May 18-20 and will feature very popular and well-known doll art designers: Lillian Alberti (Warwick NY), Susan Barmore (Louisville, KY), (Arley Berryhill (Albuquerque, NM), Deanna Hogan (Astonia,OR), and Cyndi Mahlstadt (Redfield, IA). All pre-paid and registered participants will enjoy a weekend of doll making workshops, doll exhibits and various other activities related to doll-making interest. This event is planned to include Beginner to Advanced doll makers. Visit for detailed information or contact Joan Stephens Coordinator) at This conference IS NOT related to or for collectible dolls.