Garrettsville – Portage County District Library announces changes are coming to its OverDrive website. The “Next Generation” of Portage County District Library’s digital collection will provide you with a faster, more intuitive way to connect to the books you love. Get to know the new experience before it gets here on Monday, March 11. Visit for more information. Select the “Coming Soon: The Next Generation Experience” link at the lower left-hand portion of the screen.

Please note for web browsers older than Internet Explorer 10, you will be immediately prompted to complete a one-time install of the Google Chrome Frame plug-in. The plug-in is free and only takes a few seconds to install. Users may switch to another browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Titles can still be downloaded to a device, if you choose to do so, in the way you do now, using an app or Adobe Digital Editions. It will look a little different during checkout, but the actual download process is the same. Another key feature that has been added is the ability to return items early on certain titles. If titles are not returned early, they still automatically expire at the end of the loan period. Also, you will be able to quickly tell which titles are available and which ones you can place on hold by the format icon. If a title isn’t available, the icon will be greyed out.

Learn all that you can about the “Next Generation” so that you can continue, or start, enjoying our digital library collection. Borrowing and reading titles will be much easier. It will only take a few seconds to find a title and start reading. For more details, visit