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Diskin Enterprises Bucks Downward Trends

Part 2/2 of a series.


Garrettsville – First, a recap from last week: Despite the common narrative assuming only decline among American manufacturers — especially for a small business located in a small village along the Rust Belt — Diskin Enterprises is a bright exception to that dark rule.

This small manufacturer on Industrial Drive has developed a global reach — even exporting to Mexico — during a time when similar U.S. businesses are losing ground, leaving the U.S. or folding altogether. Diversification and expansion through acquisitions has been the key to success for holding company Diskin Enterprises over the past 10 years. A three-in-one manufacturing and sales force now operates under one giant roof, with room to grow. The former Four Seasons Industries, acquired 20 years ago by Michael Diskin Sr., is now Four Seasons Manufacturing, an umbrella manufacturer for Durajoint Concrete Accessories and Modern Retail Solutions (Formerly Modern Store Fixtures) along with its original Four Seasons Industries.

In an ironic twist, Four Seasons grew out of its original building and into the former Amweld Building just down the road. Amweld was once an anchor steel-based manufacturer in Garrettsville and Niles for 60 years, but moved to Mexico in 2008. Now Modern Retail Solutions ships its goods from the former Amweld building to Mexico at a profit.

Modern Retail Solutions became the third company Diskin Sr. acquired. Formerly named Modern Store Fixtures, this was a marketing company that also owned the tool machines which make plastic molded fixtures. When Diskin bought the company, Four Seasons also became the manufacturer of the fixtures, thus lowering costs. Now the company manufactures silk flower holders, ribbon trays and plastic shelving, and product end caps found in every craft aisle of Walmart throughout the U.S. and Canada. They also supply Pat Catan’s, JoAnn Fabrics, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Hartville Hardware, At Home and Old Time Pottery retail chains with customized craft product display products.

Even a major retailer in Mexico has Modern Retail Fixtures supply their stores with craft and floral fixtures, because it’s actually less expensive for them to purchase these made-in-the-USA products than for Mexican company Fantasias Miguel to invest in the tooling machines themselves. “It’s quite an accomplishment in this day and age for us, as a U.S. company, to supply product for a Mexican company,” says Vice President and General Manager Michael Diskin Jr.

With molding capabilities from a 75-ton to a 1000-ton molding press, the company can custom-manufacture a large variety of plastic products. Four Seasons Industries, for instance, makes private label items such as containers for blueprints and fishing rods, components for sink faucets, heat-resistant handle covers for cookware, home weatherproofing items, water hose spray nozzle tubes and marine accessories, just to name a few.
Along with diversification through acquisitions and customized productions through high-capability tooling, Diskin Enterprises credits its success to fast and friendly customer service which rewards the company with loyal repeat customers. Innovation with an eye on efficiency and employee safety can be added to the list. Just this week, Four Seasons installed a new vacuum materials loader which brings automation to a time-consuming and precarious task… and frees employees to be more productive. Now, one person can operate three machines at a time, instead of just one.

While the manufacturing landscape changes by the day, Diskin Enterprises proves that new pathways to success can still be navigated, even in a small, midwestern town like Garrettsville.