Everybody gets the blues sometimes—but depression is very different from the blues. About 18.8 million Americans experience depressive disorders that affect how they sleep, eat, feel about themselves, and live their lives. Depression has physical and emotional symptoms and cannot be wished away; people with depression can’t just “pull themselves together.” There are different types of depressive disorder, each with its own symptoms and treatment options. There’s a variety of treatment and support options. Depression can be treated, and people can recover.

If you know someone with this condition, take it seriously. Offer your support and try to bolster the person’s self-esteem; though these actions won’t cure major depressive disorder, they can help. [hr]

How do I know if I am depressed?

If you have some of these signs for more than two weeks, you may be depressed.

  • sadness
  • things that used to make you happy, don’t make you happy anymore
  • no interest in eating / eating too much, or all the time
  • sleeping too little, or all the time
  • feeling tired all the time
  • feeling nervous or cranky

crying a lot

feeling guilty

feeling hopeless

trouble paying attention

thinking of death or trying to kill yourself


Free confidential screenings for depression are available. Contact: Jamie Sitko, M.Ed., PC- CR at  330-687-5483 or Jamie@sitkocounseling.com. Located in Hiram. All inquiries are confidential. Additional information at: www.sitkocounseling.com