Middlefield – All council members were present for this meeting.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Poole asked for approval of the November 4 minutes and they were approved.  He also asked for payment of bills (two separate requests) and both requests were passed.

The Fiscal Report was submitted to Council.  It was mentioned that the Council needs to meet as close to the end of the year as possible to finish the fiscal bills for 2010 and to approve the budget for 2011.  Due to holiday schedules, it was determined that the meeting would have to take place after the New Year on January 3.

The Streets & Utilities Report stated that the leaf pick up was complete and that there were fewer loads this year than the previous year.  Christmas decorations were up. Normal maintenance was done as were some sidewalk repairs at various locations throughout the Village.

The Police Report was submitted to the Council.  Police Chief Samec reported that there were 791 incident reports, 166 walk-ins, 1,063 phone calls, 937 business checks, 31 traffic citations and 20 criminal charges last month.  The Fill-A-Police-Car food drive was done on November 11 and garnered over 4,000 pounds of food products and several cash donations.  The Police Department will be doing it again on December 10.  Also the Shop-with-a-Cop program is progressing. Right now they are able to help 15 families but may be able to add five more.  Volunteers are needed for this program.  Details are available on the Village website.

The Zoning Inspector did not have a written report to submit but discussed two on-going projects.  Council asked if there was any news about the Habitat for Humanity homes and it was discussed that they are in the process of transferring land.  No formal plans have been submitted at this time.

The Recreation Report was submitted to Council.  Now that the weather is turning cold, activities have switched to indoors which means more supervision is necessary.  They now have 40 basketball teams in the league, which is up from 32 last year.  Wrestling registration is also up; double last year.  They are busy working on spring schedules.

The Ambulance Report and other Fiscal Reports were submitted to Council.

Mr. Nick Frank spoke on behalf of the Middlefield Chamber of Commerce during the Public Participation portion of the meeting.  Mr. Frank wanted to let Council know that the Chamber was planning three mini-festivals next summer on the third Friday in June, July and August.  Frank wanted Council to be aware in case ordinances would need to be  passed.  These events are being geared to promote Middlefield businesses and to increase foot traffic in town.  The Council was supportive and will be working with the Chamber as needed.  The Mayor will work on a resolution for the January meeting.

First Reading: Resolution 10-15 Authorizing the Village Administrator to purchase various materials and supplies from certain sellers during 2011 and declaring an emergency.  Motion passed.

Resolution 10-16 Indicating the services the Village of Middlefield will provide, and an approximate date by which it will provide them, to the territory proposed to be annexed to the Village by the Diocese of Cleveland.  (Standard services will be provided.)

Ordinance 10-138 Employing David M. Ondrey as Village Solicitor and Legal Counsel for the Village of Middlefield for the years 2011 and 2012 and declaring an emergency.  Motion passed.

Second Reading: Resolution 10-14 Adopting a “Drinking Water Source Protection Plan” for the Village of Middlefield.  Motion passed.

Third Reading: Ordinance 10-133 Extending the employment of Marie Shipek as a Village employee for three (3) years, through December 6, 2013, pursuant to specified terms and conditions.  Motion passed.

Old Business:  St. Lucy Annexation Agreement:  It was suggested that the Church sign the agreement in order to keep the process moving forward.  The Church did not sign the agreement as they were waiting for funding, but now that is not an issue.  There is a question about the number of units, it was decided that 40 would be the number with a possibility of it being fewer than that number.  Catholic Charities requires that the Church put down some sidewalks and that will be completed by the Church.  The approximate date for ground breaking of this project is spring 2011.

The New Business included a discussion as to pay Burton Scot the full amount ($41,274.54) due at this time for the basketball court project as some of the work is not complete.  The Village has requested several times that the fencing be put up so that there is no damage done to the new concrete.  Since this is only the first payment, a motion was passed to make the payment contingent on the fencing being completed.  That motion passed.  Other work is due but cannot be done until the weather warms up again.

D. Weir brought up for discussion about the columbarium.  The land has been bought and the title transferred.  Weir was able to get the price down to around $24,500 and wanted Council to approve the purchase of this item so that they could have the spot ready by spring.  There will be 32 units made of all US marble and it will be guaranteed for life.  It was mentioned that the price above does not include the pad.  Councilperson Seyer has volunteered to look at other columbariums in the area.  A motion was passed for purchase not to exceed $24,999.

Meeting was adjourned.