A great big “Thank You” goes out to the peopl that made SummerFest 2014 happen…

SummerFest Raffle – Rick Patrick, Colleen Steele, Kristen Morris, Michelle Zivoder, Ben Coll & Aaron King;  Stages/Tents – Greg & Judy Macek;  Sound – Warren Ellison, Keith Franklin, Jason Adkins & Blazing Entertainment;  Stage Entertainment –  Aaron King;  PR/Media – Denise Bly, Ben Coll;  Website – Ben Coll;  Grand Parade – Greg Ebie & Life Church Assembly of God;  Tractor Parade – Kathy Lutz & Century 21 Goldfire Realty; Fireworks – Chief Friess & Aaron King; Rides/Games/Concessions – Aaron King; Duck Race – Garrettsville Lion’s Club;  Garrettsville Idol – Denise Bly, Michelle Zivoder, Aaron King, Jason Adkins,  Wendy Brown, Dan Deakins, & Jackie Rinearson; Pet Idol – Ben Coll & Krista Peterson;  Essay & Coloring Contests – Villager Staff; Punt, Pass, & Kick – Brian Gorby & Garrettsville Lion’s Club; Canoe Races – Mark Apple;

Homemade Pie Baking – Eva Szasz & Huntington Bank; Homemade Winemaking – Celeste Richards; Ice Cream Eating Contest – Sherri Johnson & Roger Angel; Cornhole Tournament – Dave Weiser & Jeff Reynolds; Dance Contest – Sherri Peters, the Dancing Diva’s, Shannelle Waggoner;  Hamburger Eating Contest – Aaron King, Rick Patrick, Greg and Judy Macek ; St. Ambrose Chicken Festival – Matt Ryser; MBA Bike Show – Garrettsville Eagles Club; Car Cruise – Garrettsville Area Chamber;  SummerFest 5K race – Dianna Morris & Norm Fashing; Bleachers & Seating – Carter Lumber & Rick Patrick; Cleanup – Aaron King & Chuck Klamer;  Chairman – Rick Patrick; Event Organizer – Aaron King


And Special Thanks to all those volunteers who helped out!