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Dear Editor…



Are you all real proud of yourself now?  Are you enjoying looking in the mirror in the morning to look into the face of a genuine, low-life vandal, a dirt-bag who disrespects the Constitution (none of that nonsense about freedom of the press or freedom of speech—for anyone but you), an individual who cares not a whit about disabling local business or individuals wishing to make their news, their products and their services available to the public, someone who invades public spaces to pursue a private vendetta?  The face that you’re seeing there is that of a person who is, apparently, not able to muster a cogent argument for your point of view and so descends to attempting to physically destroy the presentation of information and opinion contrary to your position.  That’s a face of weakness and cowardice reflected back at you.  Make you feel good, does it?

Kids doing this sort of stuff are called juvenile delinquents.  Does this outbreak of behavior make you a “senile delinquent”?  In this case, the kids that this is supposed to be about, have looked ‘way better than many of the so-called adults (Check out the honor rolls, check out the sports stats, check out the arts productions, these are good reasons to give the issues thoughtful consideration, not knee-jerk rejection, sabotage and suppression.).

On second thought, maybe “jerk” is the operative word here.  The mirror doesn’t lie.

– An Avid Villager Reader