Streetsboro – Just five minutes from the heart of Streetsboro, nestled within soft rolling hills, lies an oasis that few seem to know about, DayBreak Lavender Farm. The 14 acre farm boasts of colorful fields that contain 13 varieties of lavender, a 2 acre pond, woods to explore and an off- premises boutique.

The farm is owned by Jody Byrnes and Michael Slyker, who just happen to love lavender. They started the farm in 2000 after planting a test field of 150 lavender plants. The couple planted several varieties to see what would do well here. Now, 12 years later, they have thirteen varieties of organic lavender, growing on the rolling hills of their farm that was declared Ohio’s first lavender farm.

The farm is opened to the public on Wednesdays thru Saturday noon until 5 pm and on Sundays from Noon until 4pm.  It is located at 2129 Frost Road and admission to the farm is free.

During the harvest season, when one exits the car and inhales they will think they have been transported to France where fields of lavender are a commonplace. The aroma is intoxicating, yet brings a sense of peace and tranquility to one’s soul while strolling through the breathtaking  sea of violet.

DayBreak Lavender Farm’s harvest time is usually from the middle of June through early August, however this year it will be winding down in the next week or two due to the early, warm spring and massive heat wave we have experienced as of late. During harvest time, folks are welcome to pick bouquets to take home for a small charge. The bouquets run between $5 and $15, depending on size. They also have lavender plants for sale, and dried lavender at the farm.

Although Michael and Jody love lavender, the farm offers a lot more. It is a peaceful, serene, oasis where one can come to meditate, draw, paint, read or just hike the trails. It is also a place for shutterbugs. The farm has a small pond where one can kick back on a lounge chair, relax, daydream, watch the clouds or do nothing.  Bring a picnic and the kids; spend the day communing with nature.  Children and well-behaved, vaccinated pets on a leash are welcome to visit the farm. Michael and Jody love seeing children exploring their farm, along with their furry friends.

Michael is always on hand to talk lavender. He will educate you on the herb so you can create your own lavender garden at home. He also shares his knowledge of other purposes for the herb. Did you know that lavender is more them just an aromatic?  Lavender has many uses today besides bouquets and fragrances. More recently, folks have begun using lavender for its culinary qualities and have realized that it is great in truffles, scones  or other baked goods.  Besides baked goods, it is often used as a tea, in jellies, honey, salads, soups and more. Many of the culinary mixes, jellies, honey and teas are for sale in their off-premises boutique located five minutes away at 9292 Market Square in Streetsboro. Besides food items, one can find DayBreak’s line of natural, organic lotions, oils, soaps and spa items and more at the boutique. The boutique hours are Wednesday thru Saturday Noon until 5 pm Sundays noon until 4 pm. For more information on the farm and boutique one can visit them on the web at