Windham –  All little girls have a dream of being Cinderella even if it is only for a moment. Danielle Hickman has had two opportunities to have Cinderella experiences in her life. The first one was last fall when she was crowned homecoming queen at Windham High School. The second opportunity presented itself because of the first one. Danielle received an application through the school to apply for America’s Homecoming Queen Court to represent the area at the Liberty Bowl held in Memphis, Tennessee on New Years Eve. Danielle was one of 107 homecoming queens nationwide selected to participate in the half-time show at the game. The event wasn’t a contest nor was there a naming of “America’s Homecoming Queen”, per se, it was just an opportunity to represent the area and participate in the half-time performance at the Liberty Bowl Game.

Each participant was required to purchase a bowl package that included tickets to the game, a welcome reception, a luncheon and tour of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, pre-game buffet, participation in the parade and local transportation to the bowl festivities. The girls were welcomed on Wednesday and the next few days were a flurry of activity. Danielle said she felt like a celebrity as they ushered her around to the various events and deemed it a once in a lifetime experience.

The featured event was their performance with the O’Jays during the half-time show at the game. The girls were featured in long white gowns and danced to “Love Train” which was performed by the O’Jays. According to Danielle’s mother, Tammy, it was an awesome site to behold.

The Windham senior said “The trip was an incredible experience where I was able to make new friends from all over the country; it was a trip I will never forget.”  Miss Hickman was one of five Ohioans selected for the honor.