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Customer Service is Alive and Well at Hill Hardware


Burton – In these days when good customer service is hard to find, David and Mary Anne Lamppert are keeping the concept alive and well at Hill Hardware.  Hill Hardware is a place where people who want to fix things can go to find the parts they need.  Items are fixable here, not just disposable.
David is an industrial engineer by trade, so his expertise in many areas helps him help his customers find just the right part or tool to get the job done.  In fact, many of his customers come there to get his advice.  The Lamppert’s bought Hill Hardware in 2007 and are enjoying the experience.
When David was a child, he and his father, on Saturday morning would make the trip to Chagrin Hardware and search for parts and tools they needed to complete whatever project was to be done that weekend.  David enjoyed those trips so much, he put it in the back of this mind that someday he might want to own a hardware store.  Then while shopping at Hill Hardware one day, he noticed that there was a for sale sign in the window.  He went home and discussed it with Mary Anne, then discussed it some more.  Finally, they decided to give it a try.  David was getting “tired of making other people’s widgets” and with Mary Anne’s bookkeeping experience, it seemed like a great fit.  The rest, as they say, is history.
Hill Hardware is located just north of Burton Square at 14545 Main Street.  Their phone number is 440.834.4471.  They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am until 6 pm, on Saturday from 9 am until 5 pm and closed on Sunday.
One customer commented that this “is a real hardware store.”  The space may be small, but every inch is utilized to supply customers with the items they need.  Just a few of the items they offer include: sanding belts, seeds, water filter cartridges, terminals, glues, locks, clamps, bolts, nails, hooks, bulbs, plumbing supplies, electrical components, yard tools, paints, stains, housewares, sandpaper, lawn mowers, light fixtures, pulleys, auto parts and so much more.  Mary Anne’s “side of the store” includes greeting cards, handmade cutting boards, locally made soaps and artwork.  She has several local artisans who display and sell their goods there.  If you don’t see something you need, it can be special ordered.
Mary Anne explained how the community has supported them and how they try to support the community back by being involved with the Burton Chamber of Commerce and in other ways.  The Lampperts embrace the idea of providing local businesses and local residents with this resource.  The pricing is extremely reasonable also because the overhead is not as high as the big box stores and that savings is passed on to the customer.  You may have to wait a little longer at checkout but the wait will be worth the service you get.
Hill Hardware also offers other services such as knife-sharpening, key-making, screen-making and repair, pipe-threading and glass-cutting.  They also carry stove pipes for wood stoves and hardened bolts for farm equipment.  This is a full service hardware store with a small town appeal.
At Hill Hardware, customer service is not just a marketing concept but a way of doing business every day.  David and Mary Anne are the real deal and Hill Hardware is too!