Mantua – Over thirty years ago a group of concerned citizens in the Crestwood School District area decided to attempt to alleviate the emergency food needs of anyone in the area who wanted that help. The Crestwood 4 C’s Food Pantry has operated ever since then and has proven itself invaluable to many people who would have had nowhere else to turn.

However, thirty-plus years is a long time and many of the very same people who began the Food Pantry are still staffing it, keeping the doors open three times a week to give out food, stocking the shelves, keeping the records, collecting food from the Akron Food Band and various super markets and soliciting donations from individuals and organizations. Their dedication is still as strong as ever but their numbers are dwindling and those who are still active are, for many reasons, less able to cover all of the jobs that need to be done.

This is where we hope you will be able to help. Crestwood 4 C’s needs an infusion of new personnel who can carry on the work that has been so vital for three decades. Perhaps you can volunteer for two hours a month to distribute food at the Pantry, or maybe you have a pickup with a cap that you’d be willing to drive to help pick up food at the Food Bank. You might pick up food we purchase from stores. The more volunteers there are to do all of the varied jobs that make the organization work, the less each one will have to do.

Please know how grateful the 4 C’s and all of our clients are for the donations you have given in the past. Your continued support is vital to our work. We hope, however, that in addition to food and monetary donations you will consider giving of your time and talents to allow the 4 C’s to continue into the future a strong and vital organization.

If you can help, please contact the Crestwood 4 C’s at  (330) 274-2014