Mantua – Mantua Village Council members took care of several items of business at the Feb. 21 meeting. Council members approved the purchase and installation of an $18,000 Vaughan Chopper pump for the village’s wastewater treatment plant. The ordinance 2012-02 was approved 5-0. Council member Ben Prescott was absent. Council also authorized a transfer of more then $3,040 from the water and sewer operating funds to the water and sewer debt fund to cover an “insufficient balance,” Village Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August said. “The water fund was short in January,” August said. “We have enough money now to make up for it.” The ordinance 2012-05 was passed 5-0. Other items of business included approving an increase in the general fund to cover a former employee’s medical coverage, an increase in the park fund to cover painting and gutter work, an increase in the water operating fund to cover expense related to the operation of a new high speed pump at the water plant, and an increase to the sewer capital improvement debt fund to make money available for the purchase of the new chopper pump. The additional expenses totaled $37,000. Council approved ordinance 2012-06, which dealt with the expenses, 5-0. Ordinances read but not discussed or called to vote include ordinance 2012-04, opposing the state’s centralized collection of income taxes, and ordinance 2012-07, increasing the costs of grave opening or closing at the village’s Hillside Cemetery. Department heads and the mayor also spoke of ways to improve village life. Mantua Village Mayor Linda Clark expressed a desire for cohesive signage around the village, application for trailhead grants for next year and a sidewalk grant from AMATS. “Each of these small projects is step,” Clark said. Village Engineer Richard Iafelice gave Council members a report outlining the confirmation of a $45,000 grant from AMATS for sidewalk construction along Main Street. He also recommended to Council attend to water pressure fluctuations. Iafelice also informed Council of his approval of plans from Crestwood schools to design and rehab the district’s sewage pumping station. Council will next meet March 20 at 7 p.m. in Village Hall,