My husband and I had the opportunity to sneak away for a relaxing dinner at a very expensive restaurant. It was the perfect setting, sitting on the patio watching the sun set on the lake, music by Frank Sinatra playing in the background and a wine list that was a mile long. We selected a couple of wines and after ensuring which wines were not screw caps, we selected a moderately priced bottle of red wine with dinner. The waitress, who was relatively new to being a waitress, did a great job of presenting the bottle to us and started the daunting task of opening the bottle at the table.

She was doing great until she pulled the cork too quickly and it snapped in half in the neck of the bottle. While this isn’t the first time corks have broken in half in the neck of the bottle, her next steps unfortunately required us to get another bottle. Assuming that she could continue to use the corkscrew to get the cork out she unfortunately pushed the cork into the bottle.

Now I know many of you are smiling because this has happened to you and if you are at home, I am sure you have continued to drink the wine (at least that is what I do). However, if you have company there are a few things that will help save that bottle. First, if the cork breaks off in the neck of the bottle, remove the one half of the cork from the corkscrew. Then slowly take the corkscrew and start to use it as you normally would to get the cork out. However, as you are screwing it into the cork, continue to pull the corkscrew straight up so the corkscrew is getting into the cork but not pushing the cork back in the bottle.

If you do end up pushing the cork back into the bottle, grab a cheese cloth and place it on top of the bottle. Empty the bottle into a pitcher (or decanter if you have one available). If you have a decanter, you can simply serve the wine from there. However if you used a pitcher I recommend washing out the bottle to ensure all of the cork is out of the bottle. Then carefully (and over a sink) pour the wine back into the bottle. It’s as good as new!


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