Like many of you, our family and employees are saddened by the loss our town suffered this past weekend. We have grown to know many of the business owners and their families over the years and are working with the fundraising groups in Garrettsville to host a number of events. More details will be posted to our website as well as the Chamber of Commerce website as the details are finalized. As many of you know Candlelight Winery is also heavily involved in Girl Scouts and are working with our local troops to get some additional fundraisers going as well. While this is a sad time for many, I know how strong Garrettsville is and will quickly shine again. Until then I hope this article starts to bring back a sense of normalcy and humor to you.

While our local Girl Scouts had a booth set up this weekend before the fire started many of you were already asking for some hints on how to pair the wines with the some Girl Scout cookies; the Do-Si-Dos, Dulce de Leche, Tagalongs and the most popular cookie – the Thin Mints. As our minds were numb from the activity going on that day, I did take some time to test out some wines and cookies to make sure this year’s cookies were excellent!

Do-Si-Dos are a fun cookie. This oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich cookie is a great pick me up snack or is great in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I like the cookie and ice cream combination with a glass of sweet red wine like our Afterglow. The sweet wine isn’t too overpowering and really enhances the flavor of the oatmeal sandwich part of the cookie.

However if you are a fan of caramel, then I would recommend the Dulce de Leche cookie. The caramel pieces in the cookie really bring out the flavor of a semi-sweet Riesling. Since a semi-sweet Riesling tends to have a green apple finish the caramel combination reminds me of eating a caramel covered apple. It’s a perfect combination for someone who is ready for Spring (whenever it finally arrives!).

Tagalongs are my second favorite cookie. Anything peanut and chocolate and I am set! However pairing this cookie with a wine can be difficult. There are so many flavors in this cookie that some wines can really overpower the cookie while other wines might be overpowered by the peanut butter in the cookie. So after sampling a number of wines, I found that a dry red seems to be the perfect balance. I would recommend enjoying the Tagalong with a Pinot Noir.

Then you have the most popular Girl Scout cookie – the Thin Mint. Any time you have mint in your meal you will probably have a very difficult time pairing a wine with it. Mint can be very overpowering and alters the nose and taste of most wines. While I personally would rather eat Thin Mints with a tall glass of ice cold milk, this is a wine article so I was bound and determined to find a wine that paired with the Thin Mints. I found that a sweeter more mellow wine like our Pink Pug blush wine was a good fit. The mellow fruit flavors of this wine enhanced the mint of the cookie.

If you need some cookies to do your own pairing, either stop by the winery and one of our resident girl scouts can help you or be sure to sponsor the local Girl Scout cookie booths! Not a fan of cookies? We have challenged our troop to raise enough money to send 400 boxes of cookies to the troops overseas! Stop by the winery to help this great cause!



Amanda is the Co-Owner of Candlelight Winery located at 11325 Center Road, Garrettsville. For more gift ideas or wine lists from the winery, please visit

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Amanda Conkol and her husband Chris are the owners of Candlelight Winery
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about. She maintains a full schedule raising twin daughters, working a day
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her daughters’ troop. When time allows Amanda loves to travel (especially
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