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Weekly Villager, Inc.
Office & Retail Shop
8088 Main Street
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231
(330) 527-5761



Hours of Operation

Monday: 10AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 10AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 10AM – 5PM
Thursday: 12PM – 5PM
Friday: 10AM – 5PM
Saturday: 10AM – 2PM

About This Location

For over 200 years 8088 Main Street has been the destination for unique goods and services. Now serving as the official home to the Villager, Garrettsville’s local paper has returned to Main Street determined to continue that legacy. Offering printing, embroidery and an assortment of unique and customizable keepsakes and treasures; the Villager truly offers something for everyone.

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Michelle Zivoder, Owner

Michelle Zivoder


Phone: (330) 527-5761


Christine Gerez, Owner

Christine Gerez

Owner/Accounts Receivable
Staff Reporter

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Phone: (330) 527-5761

Customer Service

Krista Peterson, Customer Service

Krista Peterson

Customer Service Representative

Phone: (330) 527-5761



Graphics & Digital Media

Benjamin Coll, Graphics & Digital Content Management

Benjamin Coll

Manager, Graphics & Digital Content
Staff Reporter

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Phone: (330) 527-5761



Contributing Reporters

Denise Bly, Contributing Reporter

Denise Bly

Contributing Reporter

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Estelle R. Brown, Contributing Reporter

Estelle R. Brown

Contributing Reporter

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Stacy Turner, Contributing Reporter

Stacy Turner

Contributing Reporter

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Mialie T. Szymanski, Contributing Reporter

Mialie T. Szymanski

Contributing Reporter, Columnist

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Iva Walker, Contributing Reporter

Iva Walker

Contributing Reporter, Columnist

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