Kent –  REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition in conjunction with the Northeastern Chapter of A Girl and A Gun are hosting the Fashion Show event at the Tanglewood Country Club in Chagrin Falls, Ohio  the evening of  September 17th.     Live models will demonstrate a variety of concealed carry options for women.

REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition is a not for profit organization based in Portage County that spends their time and effort on gun safety, gun education and public Pro Gun Awareness.   This is just one of the many ventures that they put forth in a year.

The fashion show is something new, something different.   From purses to shirts, holsters to underwear, the live models will demonstrate how well designed clothes and accessories allow quick access without advertising that a woman is carrying a gun.  The intent of the fashion show is to highlight that there are many different  ways to holster a firearm safely and go about one’s day.   Manufacturers such as Urban Moxy, Designer Concealed Carry, Deep Conceal,  Undertech Undercover, Silver State Apparel and more are submitting items that keep a weapon from standing out or telling the public “she’s got a gun”.    As the twelve live models make repeated trips down the runway, the audience will see both the unique and expected.

Amanda Suffecool – Director of the not for profit group REALIZE firearms Awareness Coalition stated “This is different, bigger than any other Fashion Show for Concealed Carry firearms that we have heard of or seen.   Carrying a loaded firearm is more challenging for women than it is for men,  as women dress differently.   This show is intended to show what you do not/cannot see;  that even though you feel it stands out,  you really cannot see it.   Women put a gun on their person and are sure that it is screaming “GUN” and that is not the case”.

The event will be filmed and produced into a TV ready Docu-Educational event that will then be shared across the county.   Women’s shooting organizations are lining up for their copy of the DVD to host their own virtual Fashion Show at an event in their circle of influence.   At this point, more than 3000 women from clubs and organizations from Maine to California are on the list and waiting for ability to host their own local fashion show.

The event starts at 6:00 pm with an informal mix and mingle. At 7:00 pm the fashion show begins and the event ends with drawings for a number of pertinent and impressive door prizes.    Go to for more information about the fashion show and the organization.