Nelson Twp. – Township officials present at the second Nelson Township trustee meeting of October, held Wednesday, December 6th were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, and Kevin Cihan; Anne Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek, and Sandy Huzl.

After the meeting was called to order Finney presented the trustees with the minutes of the prior meeting which were approved as presented. Finney also presented the trustees with bills & wages to be paid totaling $37,003.52 – an “unusually high,” but expected, amount as it includes the annual payment for the Pixley Park building. Cemetery deeds were also signed, and the bills and wages were paid as presented.

Resolution 143-2017, which continues healthcare coverage for township employees, was approved by the trustees.

Finney formally requested and scheduled the year-end meeting for December 27th at 8:00am.

Sandy Huzl informed the trustees that she had been in contact with John at Alcoholics Anonymous. She confirmed that the group’s meetings would continue on the same schedule and thanked them for their donations. Huzl also let the trustees know about the Boy Scouts’ annual lock-in event coming up that weekend, and that Lifeline Screening has booked the Community House on January 24.

Vanek reported that he has received the balance of the salt order. He also asked for permission to purchase a cutting edge for one of the plow trucks. The trustees approved spending $1,300 on a carbide system cutting edge. Other approvals included a 55 gallon drum of 15-40 oil; and a replacement chainsaw. Vanek also informed the trustees that two florescent lighting units are in need of replacement ballasts. It was decided that Vanek should investigate the the cost of replacing the fixtures with LEDs.

The Bonner property on State Route 88 was a topic of discussion by the trustees. The Bonners did not win their bid to build a medicinal marijuana growing facility on the site, but plan on applying to operate a processing plant. Leonard also mentioned that issues with the selection process have triggered a lawsuit on the state level.

With VanDerHoevan’s election as township trustee a position will be opening for a new zoning inspector in Nelson. Watch for advertisements in local papers for a variety of available zoning positions. Serving as zoning inspector, or on the zoning boards is a great way to get involved in the community and make a positive difference.

On the subject of the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA), resolution 147-2017, which was passed unanimously by the trustees present, authorized the recommendation of a new CRA area which will be sent to the county commissioners. The 2017 CRA will be defined to the north by the southern edge of State Route 305; to the east by the Trumbull County line; to the south by Knowlton Road; and to the west by Kyle Road. The terms of the CRA are as follows:

  • Residential properties – $10,000+ on expenditures @ 50% for 5 years
  • Commercial properties – Negotiable @ 50% for 7 years with a clause stipulating that the township must fully recoup the incentive, or the commercial business must repay in full if leaving before repayment is complete.

Lastly, the trustees discussed the upcoming construction of a picnic pavilion at Pixley Park.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after.