The Community in Action for Windham has been very busy since their inception, earlier this fall. The group was started with an idea to serve the community of Windham and its people.  This is being accomplished by helping those folks in need and to bring the community together as a whole, by having events for families, individuals and the youth. In doing this, they plan to work along with other organizations, groups, churches, clubs, schools and businesses to make this the best community that they can. They are very busy achieving their goal.  Although they are the new kids on the block, so to speak, they have been making some noise and getting a lot of things accomplished, while many are just contemplating getting things done. 

The group’s first outing was to clean up Windham’s project area which they have done and have made it a regular event to find areas in town that need clean up. Besides the clean-up days, they also held a fall festival and paid tribute to a local merchant on “Make a Difference Day.”

This past weekend they held a “make a card for the troops” at the fire station.  They had all kinds of card stock, markers etc. for folks to make a card for those serving our country.

Recently, when a new family moved to Windham that needed help, the Community in Action for Windham was able to give them a hand-up.  The group placed the need on their Facebook page and one of their many followers was able to help meet the need. They also have placed a box at Dollar General Store for folks to drop-off toys for those in need in the community. The drop-off box will be there until December 18, 2013.

The group recently announced their Christmas plans. Every December the community usually holds a “Lighting of the Green” where they illuminate the gazebo on the green. This year it is scheduled on December 8, 2013 and will be held in conjunction with a Winter Parade of Lights on the same date at 5:30 pm. The line-up for the parade will be at Dollar General and will step-off at 5:30 sharp.  Following the parade, there will be the “Lighting of the Green, and Christmas caroling being led by Hiram Students’ Music in Action.”  After the lighting and some hearty singing of Christmas carols, folks will be able to warm-up in the town hall with hot cocoa, hot dogs and cookies.

Boys and girls will anxiously keep their eyes to the sky errr… the road, as they wait for Santa to arrive riding on the back of a fire truck.  Santa will greet the children before getting settled in the town hall to hear all their Christmas wishes.

Parade entries are still being taken, and one doesn’t need to be a Windham resident to participate. All they require is lights — Winter Lights Parade. For more information on the parade one can call Charity at 330 307-7487 or JoAnne at 330 979-3935.

The Christmas events are co-sponsored by WCCF, Windham Parks and Recreation Committee, along with Community in Action for Windham.

The group’s work doesn’t stop at Christmas; they have a karaoke night planned for January, a newsletter coming out soon and are continuing to help those in their community. Check them out at Community in Action for Windham on Facebook and keep tabs on what they are doing.


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Denise Bly has been a correspondent for the Weekly Villager for five years. She also
does the public relations for Garrettsville Summerfest and the Garrettsville Area
Chamber. In her spare time, she can be found at most local events, especially J.A.
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