Garrettsville – Community EMS District has been awarded grants recently. These grants include:
• $40,000 from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Safety Intervention Grant Program. These funds were used to purchase two Stryker Power-Load Systems with Power-Cots. The new cots can handle patients weighing up to 700 pounds.
• $500 from the Public Entities Pool of Ohio – “PEP+ Grant”. These funds were used to purchase 4 sets of collapsible cones. The 28” cones feature LED lighting and are collapsible for easy storage.
• $4,150 from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Medical Services Grant Program. These funds will be used to purchase approved equipment and provide training to the EMS District.
Community EMS District was also the benefactor of a LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System, donated by University Hospitals. The LUCAS 3 is valued at $15,000.