A Villager reader and collector of dime novels and series books, recently bought an odd piece that seems to have originated in Garrettsville, Ohio.This collector is not interested in selling the item ~ just  having fun trying to research the author and the history surrounding the item.  The owner writes that “the item is either a tiny and primitive dime novel or some variation of a chapbook (or something between the two).   It’s about 6” by 4.5” or so.  The seller had connected 1870’s to it but I’m not sure, although I would be willing to bet it is late nineteenth century.”   “The author and publisher was Elmer Shaw and I did locate an Elmer Shaw from your area who lived from 1862 to 1926.   A person of similar name was mentioned as a seller of “tin-ware” in a nearby town.    And although hard to read, the artist’s signature on the cover may be Katie Shaw.”If anyone has information, please contact the Villager at (330) 527-5761, we will be happy to pass along the information to the book’s current owner who would ultimately  like to date the printing and learn about the author/publisher.